ControlUp Integrates with ServiceNow
November 01, 2023
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ControlUp announced the availability of ControlUp IT Service Management (ITSM) Connector, an integration with ServiceNow which combines physical device and unified communication real-time metrics from ControlUp Edge DX.

The ITSM solution is available in the ServiceNow Store. ControlUp ITSM Connector delivers faster remediation and automated ticket generation within ServiceNow to solve IT issues before users are aware of a problem.

As a Registered Build Partner, ControlUp is offering the ITSM solution to help increase Level One efficiency in data presentation, reduce Level One ticket handling via ControlUp Edge DX automation, and align ControlUp Edge DX with existing workflows.

The addition of ControlUp monitoring and remediation services drives significant benefits for ServiceNow customers, including:

- Incident Management - ControlUp Edge DX is purposely designed to provide a better desktop experience for employees, boosting productivity and reducing downtime.

- Problem Management - ControlUp Edge DX accelerates root cause resolution with synthetic testing for automated problem identification and remediation before the user is aware of the issue.

- Service Operations Workspace - ControlUp Edge DX reduces ticket generation with automated problem identification and resolution, minimizing service disruptions for a better employee experience.

"The addition of ControlUp monitoring and management services within the ServiceNow Store allows IT organizations to offer a significantly improved user experience," said Jon Wallace, CTO, ControlUp. "Our DEX platform simplifies the delivery of high-performing workspaces and delivers physical and virtual monitoring along with proactive network and device testing, automation, and access to a global community of IT professionals sharing insights and solutions."

"Partnerships succeed best when we lean into our unique skills and expertise and have a clear view into the problem we're trying to solve," said Erica Volini, senior vice president of global partnerships at ServiceNow. "ControlUp's integration extends our reach well beyond where we can go alone and represents the legacy and goals of the Now Platform. I am thrilled to see the continued innovation we will achieve together to help organizations succeed in the era of digital business."

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