Corvil Extends Solution for High Performance Enterprise Monitoring
March 11, 2013
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Corvil announced the general availability of its new Corvil Enterprise Monitoring System.

The new solution is based on its flagship CorvilNet platform and delivers the same powerful combination of high speed data capture, distributed transaction-application-network monitoring, and real-time business analysis.

New enterprise application transaction monitoring and an enterprise-reporting module are now included to support a broad range enterprise IT activities.

Key Benefits of the Enterprise Monitoring System:

- Visibility: Corvil has transformed how enterprise IT can monitor and deliver low latency applications and high performance networks, with integrated visibility between applications, transactions, and network performance, on one platform.

- High Velocity Data: Corvil captures all IT data “on the wire” and uses various stages of data transformation, structuring and analysis to turn this into valuable analytics that fuel business performance; for example in the rollout of a new high performance WAN, or data center.

- Expertise: Corvil’s real-time, deep analysis capabilities and insight provide IT with the expertise necessary to successfully deliver IT systems and services to the business.

Donal O’Sullivan, VP of Product Management at Corvil says, “The enterprise application environment is starting to look increasingly like what we deal with in the world of electronic trading – faster networks, more data, lower latency. And the link between IT performance and successful business outcomes is just as strong. If you couple this with the desire in 2013 to consolidate IT systems, it’s quite natural that there is a strong demand for the type of integrated monitoring system that Corvil provides and has proven so successful in financial markets.”

“In 2013 businesses must grow. Achieving a strong alignment of IT and business is a challenge but key to delivering growth for global enterprises. Corvil’s new Enterprise Monitoring Solution is architected in a manner that fosters greater collaboration and understanding between IT and the business as they look to leverage new applications, technologies and data to achieve this”, added O’Sullivan.

The Enterprise Monitoring System is available immediately.

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