Evolven Granted US Patent for Automated Dependency Mapping
December 12, 2019
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Evolven Software announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted it a new patent encompassing a unique approach to IT environment dependency mapping.

Evolven's Change Analytics technology enables IT professionals to track actual changes in on-premises and cloud IT environments. The system automatically analyzes risk of detected granular changes carried out in the end-to-end environment, correlating investigated performance and stability issues to changes causing them, and proactively identifying changes that could cause future issues.

One key aspect of effectively and efficiently resolving IT issues is a detailed understanding of the IT system and of its environment in general. Multi-tiered enterprise systems typically include a plethora of heterogeneous components located at various layers of the information technology stack and possibly spread over multiple areas of the IT environment. Since these components typically depend on one another, a change in one component could affect the behavior of another component or even cause it to cease functioning completely.

These dependencies might contain cross-product and cross-host dependencies, they require in-depth expert knowledge to be identified manually, and they also frequently change over time. Thus keeping track of them can be a challenge.

Evolven's newly patented technology enables automated dependency discovery. In effect, it builds an IT component dependency graph by looking for references between components while crawling their configuration data at a granular level.

Most vendors in the industry either employ indirect methods based on analysis of network activity and load processing or intrusive methods based on fault injections and perturbations. These methods, however, have several drawbacks.

In contrast, Evolven's newly patent technology employs a different approach — one based on 'reading' actual specified configurations.

"Being able to automatically and accurately map dependencies between environment components is critical to not only enhance root cause analysis but to prevent incidents from happening in the first place," stated Sasha Gilenson, Evolven CEO. "As enterprise applications typically include numerous components at various layers and spread over multiple areas of IT environments, and as these components commonly depend on each other, a deep understanding of the dependencies in IT environment is essential."

Evolven Software has been granted U.S. Patent No. US20190081861A1.

This patented technology accomplishes the following:

- Accelerates root-cause analysis and so shortens time spent troubleshooting

- Prevents performance and stability incidents

- Allows companies to avoid compliance and security issues by automatically detecting unauthorized and undesired changes

"By leveraging Evolven's exclusive machine learning capabilities, enterprises can make important correlations across silos, recognize patterns, automatically identify anomalies, detect unauthorized changes, and apply efficient troubleshooting by intelligent root-cause analysis," said Boštjan Kaluža, Chief Data Scientist at Evolven. "With Evolven's AIOps capabilities, IT professionals can generate actionable insights from huge amounts of operations data, thereby minimizing the time needed to find and diagnose stability issues, preventing outages and downtimes, and enhancing IT support around critical business services."

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