Evolven Introduces Blended Analytics Solution
July 08, 2015
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Evolven Software announced the general availability of Evolven Blended Analytics, the latest, most powerful, version of Evolven’s IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software for delivering operational insights.

Evolven Blended Analytics correlates cross silo data sources with changes – the true root causes of performance and availability issues. Powerful analytics turn this data into actionable insights for slashing mean time to resolution, cutting the number of incidents and improving DevOps and Audit.

“Now IT operations management can take the guesswork out of the decision making process and get actionable insights for preventing and troubleshooting incidents,” said Sasha Gilenson, CEO of Evolven. “Evolven’s unmatched ability to track end-to-end granular changes – the true root cause of performance and availability issues – and correlate and analyze change information with other operational Symptoms and IT Context data is what sets us apart from other approaches and other vendors, and takes ITOA a step higher.”

Leveraging existing IT tool investments, Evolven’s Blended Analytics solution overcomes the limitations of IT silo barriers by combining information from across silos, correlating Symptoms (indicating undesirable conditions in the system behavior and health) and IT Context (providing context to the activities carried/intended to be carried in IT) data with Changes – the true root cause for performance and availability incidents.

IT teams share the same view across all silos, getting a comprehensive and clear picture of the health of environments, making IT operations immediately aware of potential risks, streamlining issue resolution and accelerating MTTR.

Key Features in Evolven Blended Analytics:

■ Blending Cross Silos Data Sources: Evolven blends together all relevant data sources required for effective analysis in a contextual model. Realizing that not all data is created equal – each of the types of data has its role in a contextual model.

■ Symptoms: Indicates undesirable conditions in the health of a business system. Evolven Blended Analytics identifies Symptoms via multiple indicators that focus on both system behavior and health such as APM, Log events, system & network management etc.

■ Changes: A critical but frequently overlooked data source is actual changes. This includes changes in Configuration, Data, Capacity, Workload, and Code.

■ IT Context: Understanding the activities carried out or planned by IT gives context to the analysis. Evolven collects and incorporates IT Context information into its model:
- Infrastructure and application changes coming from Deployment Automation
- Change requests, service requests, and incidents from Service Desk
- Dependencies and topology from CMDB

Evolven focuses on change as the true root cause of performance and availability issues. Evolven Blended Analytics collects detailed information about changes as they happen (instead of waiting for Symptom alerts to show) – tracking, correlating and analyzing all changes, end-to-end from application to infrastructure at the most granular level, recognizing early on high risk changes and remediating them even before they result in an incident.

Advanced analytics based on machine learning, anomaly detection and domain specific heuristics turn this data into meaningful, actionable information.

Evolven's Analytics Engine performs:

■ Data Cleansing and Correlation: To prepare high volumes of diverse, cross silo data for analysis, Evolven consolidates, cleans and correlates all the data, by:
- Reducing noise through the elimination of irrelevant, low significance data
- Clustering similar events and KPIs for more accurate and efficient analysis
- Normalizing data from each data source to allow for correlation
- Correlating data within and between multiple data sources

■ Risk Assessment: Evolven estimates the risk of changes by:
- Calculating risk scores for each change dimension and blended data sources
- Machine Learning based anomaly detection
- Leveraging Out-of-the-box and custom knowledge base and SME input to fine tune analysis

Evolven Blended Analytics is available today.

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