Fluke Networks Introduces Link-Solutions
March 10, 2015
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Fluke Networks unveiled Link-Solutions, a combination of network testers and cloud-based reporting, which provides organizations greater flexibility and convenience in how they manage their network connectivity test results.

Based on Fluke Networks’ LinkRunner and LinkSprinter hand-held network testers, Link-Solutions provides a cohesive way for PC and front-line technicians, field-managed IT teams, system integrators and VARs to conduct copper, fiber and Ethernet tests and then manage their test results — regardless of which testers they used — via a unified cloud-based dashboard.

The company also announced the availability of the LinkSprinter outside North America for the first time.

Link-Solutions comprises three products that work together to provide IT organizations unmatched flexibility in how they manage their network connectivity test results. As an organization’s network becomes more complex, they can use the more sophisticated components of Link-Solutions, which include:

- LinkRunner AT Network Tester. One of the industry’s most widely used handheld testers, the LinkRunner AT provides a complete copper and fiber optic network testing solution, including network connectivity at 10M/100M/1G, link status verification, PoE loading, connectivity type and signal strength. LinkRunner also features a one-button AutoTest, which performs a complete set of network connectivity tests for both copper and fiber, and quickly shows the results.

- LinkSprinter family of pocket-sized network testers. In addition to the existing DHCP, Gateway and Internet connection confirmations offered by LinkSprinter 100 and 200, Fluke Networks is introducing a new model, the LinkSprinter 300, which measures cable status and length, and can also flash the hub port. One new feature common to both the LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT devices is buffer size, which has increased to accommodate data from up to 12 test results, rather than the previous maximum of four.

- Link-Live Cloud Service. Tying together the test results from both the LinkRunner AT and LinkSprinter, this cloud service provides a unified view of all test results for a project in a single interface. Link-Live Cloud Service offers two subscription levels to suit the specific needs of each organization─a free “Essentials” service that comes standard with all LinkRunner AT and LinkSprinter tools, and a new “Job Pro” service, which offers an expanded feature set for a subscription fee. The annual fee for the Job Pro service starts at $48 per year (USD) and includes unlimited testing and support for up to 10 testers.

In addition to these new features, Fluke Networks also introduced bundled pricing for Link-Solutions, which offers organizations a discount for buying either a full Link-Solutions kit containing both products, or a set of LinkSprinters in a five- or 10-pack bundle.

“Link-Solutions addresses multiple issues. Whether it’s simply providing a tester priced low enough so every team member can have their own tester, or matching testers to the skill level of each user, Link-Solutions brings unmatched adaptability and affordability to test results management,” said Daryle DeBalski, VP and GM of the Enterprise business unit for Fluke Networks. “Our cloud service runs on an intuitive interface that can be accessed from any smart device or computer, allowing users to review, edit and annotate LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT results in just a few seconds. This is a huge leap in convenience and time saving for anyone on a jobsite or managing a project — especially when using both tools at the same time.”

The Link-Live Job Pro service streamlines test results management and enables organizations to move smoothly from one tool to another:

- Reporting and Analytics – Link-Live Pro offers users the ability to generate detailed analytics pages from a combination of LinkSprinter or LinkRunner devices. The reports include graphical representations of test results and are completely customizable, including adding a company logo--an especially useful feature for system integrators and VARs that need to send reports to a client as evidence of a completed job.

- Detailed Documentation – Link-Live Pro allows users to attach photos from mobile devices to the test results. Technicians can run tests and take images of a wall jack or an installed device’s serial number—a benefit for installers who need to keep evidence of any completed work.

- Simplified Workflow – Link-Live is browser-based, which means organizations need never download a smart phone app. Field technicians can simply use their smart mobile device to capture field data and add it to single or multiple test results as a comment. Comments can be pre-configured and as granular as necessary to provide reference for single or multiple tests.

- Project Management – Users can organize test results for each project, based on job sites, specific buildings, a floor location, etc. in advance of starting actual testing. This highly customizable feature means test results can be pre-sorted and auto-filed as they are completed, including any images or comments that need to be associated with a specific test.

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