FrontRange Announces HEAT 2013
April 16, 2013
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FrontRange announced the upcoming release of HEAT 2013, a service management solution designed to simultaneously support on-premise, multi-tenant cloud and/or hybrid deployments from a single, unified platform.

HEAT 2013 will begin its general availability at the end of May.

With the release of HEAT 2013, a host of new capabilities are now available including:

- New User Interface: provides new streamlined and context based user interface for improved analyst efficiency.

- Social Groups: provides the ability to post messages directly to specified service teams, social groups and/or user profiles.

- My Watch List: provides one-click access to recent work or accessed items to improve service analyst’s productivity.

- HEAT Cloud Connect: provides tighter integration with external applications by triggering workflow advancement when jobs are created or a specific object field is updated.

- Customizable UI: enables organizations to adjust the look and feel in alignment with a customer's branding on Self Service and Service Analyst User Interface (UI).

- New web services APIs: provides the ability to populate service requests and leverage advanced search capabilities.

- Language Localization: German, Dutch and Portuguese is now supported in addition to English, French and Spanish.

- IE 10 Support

To help customers easily migrate to and/or from a cloud or on-premise deployment, HEAT 2013 features Configuration Management Tool for simplified set-up and configuration to ensure proper change management. The integrity of a customer's existing configurations, no matter how extensive, is easily transferred with FrontRange upgrades.

HEAT is based on ITIL best practices that now extend beyond IT to customers' core business units including HR, finance, facilities and operations.

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