Ixia Introduces New Family of Net Tool Optimizer Products
November 21, 2013
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Ixia announced a new family of feature rich, easy-to-use Net Tool Optimizer products that provide enterprise visibility for smaller network deployments such as remote and branch offices.

The new Ixia NTO 2112 and 2113 network monitoring switches, also known as Network Packet Brokers, take advantage of the essential core capabilities of Ixia's enterprise-class NTO with the port capacity and entry-level price point needed for smaller network deployments.

Ixia NTOs intelligently connect the network with monitoring tools to aggregate, filter, load balance and de-duplicate network traffic to make their existing tools more valuable.

The new NTO 2112 and 2113 provide:

- A cost-effective monitoring solution for distributed deployments.

- Pre-configured and fully activated ports to make deployment fast and easy.

- The same OS, features and UI as Ixia's other NTO products, giving customers the ability to learn once and deploy everywhere.

The NTO 2113 is the only full featured network monitoring switch in its class with packet filtering, load balancing, packet de-duplication, packet trimming, advanced header stripping and burst protection.

Additionally, the NTO 2112 and 2113 come pre-loaded with the new Ixia NVOS 3.9 software that includes:

- IPv6 support to ensure investment protection for future deployments.

- Full monitoring automation capabilities, enabling real-time responsiveness and faster mean time to repair with Ixia’s new web-based RESTful API.

- MPLS load balancing to further enhance the NTO traffic shaping ability.

NTO users can now download the IxiaApp from Splunk. The app, which leverages Ixia's RESTful automation API, allows Splunk to programmatically index, correlate and report Ixia statistics in its Big Data engine for a more complete picture of users’ monitoring infrastructure.

“The Ixia NTO 2112/2113 leverages the advancements we’ve made to enable visibility in some of the world’s largest and most complex networks, and put it within reach for smaller network deployments that require monitoring,” said Scott Register, Senior Director of Product Management for Ixia. “All mission-critical enterprise and service provider network sites require monitoring, not just the really large data centers. Network performance and security is vital in all of these sites as downtime translates to lost productivity and potentially lost revenue regardless of scale.”

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