Kemp Releases LoadMaster X40M Load Balancer/ADC
May 28, 2020
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Kemp released the LoadMaster X40M load balancer/application delivery controller (ADC) – Kemp’s highest capacity layer 4-7 load balancer supporting 300 million concurrent users.

The X40M helps enterprises enable secure, reliable and always-on access to applications in hyper-scale environments.

Thanks to Kemp’s innovations in bare metal architecture, proprietary memory utilization algorithms and x86 platform optimization, the X40M provides critical infrastructure for the most demanding web scale application deployments. In addition to support for 300 million concurrent user connections, a single instance can scale to over 40 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of application throughput and 35,000 secure socket layer (SSL) encrypted transactions per second.

These performance characteristics enable environments that need to support a large number of end-user bases while providing the headroom needed to mitigate application layer attacks without detectable impacts to the end-user application experience. Modular security engine components for authentication, IPS, DDoS, and comprehensive WAF services rely on dedicated co-processing optimized for encrypted traffic flow handling. This enables the X40M to keep the enterprise environment secure while maintaining acceptable AX for end-user interactions with published services.

To provide for investment protection, the X40M further enables horizontal scale through multi-unit clustering. This means that time-consuming and costly rip-and replace exercises can be avoided if the infrastructure eventually scales beyond the capacity of a single instance.

“While there has been, and will continue to be, an increase in virtualized, micro-instance per-app load balancing, many enterprise and web-scale deployments continue to require high performance hardware-based load balancing for apps that require guaranteed performance, tenant isolation and centralized IT models,” said Jason Dover, VP of Product Strategy for Kemp. “The introduction of the X40M over-delivers for customers that have requirements across these dimensions.”
Pricing and Availability

The Kemp LoadMaster X40M is available today.

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