ManageEngine Releases Endpoint Central MSP Cloud
November 08, 2023
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ManageEngine announced the launch of Endpoint Central MSP Cloud, which brings the advantages of the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and efficiency to the remote monitoring and management (RMM) of endpoints for managed service providers (MSPs).

The launch also completes the first stage of the company’s vision for a unified platform for MSPs.

MSPs need a holistic solution for remotely monitoring and managing clients' desktops, servers, laptops and mobile devices from a central location. However, on-premises solutions come with scalability constraints and increased upfront expenses, hampering business growth. Shifting to a cloud solution offers MSPs the flexibility to scale up their resources as needed, ensuring IT costs align with their actual needs.

"This cloud release enables service providers to focus on addressing their clients' IT challenges and growing their businesses without the worry of operational complexities," said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, vice president of ManageEngine. "Endpoint Central MSP Cloud delivers RMM capabilities for endpoints, enabling MSPs to automate everyday management and security tasks and allowing them to be available to help clients with their real-time requirements."

Highlights of Endpoint Central MSP Cloud include:

- Extensive support for devices and operating systems.

- A single agent for a wide range of capabilities across device management, security and compliance.

- Integral remote access and troubleshooting without the need for additional setup or agents.

- Extensive third-party patch automation across varied device types and environments.

- Strong third-party integrations and a vast API ecosystem to promote interoperability with MSPs’ existing technology stacks.

"With Endpoint Central MSP, ManageEngine has enabled us to manage multiple customers and their numerous endpoints with only a small IT team," said Per Bendixen, senior IT consultant at RelateIT. "And as our company continues to expand, we’re eager to further streamline our operations with Endpoint Central MSP Cloud."

In today's digital-first business environment, MSPs build their own tech stack consisting of a range of specialized tools from various vendors to effectively manage, maintain and secure their clients' IT infrastructures, and to optimize and run their own operations. This not only increases the total cost of ownership, but also the complexity, forcing MSPs to juggle between multiple tools and bear with weak integrations.

"We have built a diverse ecosystem of solutions catering to the varied needs of MSPs, including for identity and access management, RMM and professional service automation, and we plan on bringing all of them to the cloud," said Venkatachalam. "With this release, we are on the brink of delivering a single cloud platform that will enable these solutions to work together seamlessly, eliminating integration headaches and empowering MSPs to maximize their revenues with minimal effort and investment."

Endpoint Central MSP Cloud is available immediately. Pricing starts at $2 per device, per month.

A free, one-year license to manage 250 devices is available. The free license offer extends to customers who migrate from the on-premises version of Endpoint Central MSP.

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