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November 01, 2011
Pete Goldin
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Performance of Critical Applications Has Become a Top Priority for Enterprise CTOs

PHOENIX, AZ – November 1, 2011 —, an authority in the Business Service Management technology market, today announced it is evolving its brand to become APMigest. This change reflects the online publication’s focus on Application Performance Management.

APMdigest will continue to actively cover issues and news impacting the broader Business Service Management (BSM) landscape, but it is sharpening its focus on APM and its relationship with service management and IT surrounding it. This includes key functionalities such as end-user experience monitoring, application runtime architecture, business transaction management, application component deep-dive monitoring, and IT analytics.

“As large enterprises continue to wrestle with virtualization and deploying private cloud infrastructure services, they are taking an increasingly application-centric view of IT performance,” said Pete Goldin, Editor-in-Chief of APMdigest.  “The challenge for the large enterprise is on how to proactively manage performance of critical applications in physical, virtual and cloud environments spanning silos, vendors, platforms and users.”

Application performance management and monitoring of critical applications has emerged as a top priority of CIOs and CTOs globally. Gartner estimates that 20% of the Global 2000 are trying to reconstruct all their IT operational process frameworks in ways that accord with the monitoring and management of applications, rather than infrastructure, in a central place. (1)

According to Gartner analyst Will Cappelli, “The factor most responsible for the increased attention now being paid to the APM process and the tools and services supporting it does not come from IT, but from the business side of the enterprise which has, during the past decade, fundamentally changed its attitude toward IT in general. Line of business and C-level executives now generally recognize that IT is not just infrastructure that supports background workflows, but is also, and more fundamentally, a direct generator of revenue and a key enabler of strategy.” (1)

According to Gartner, in 2011, about $2 billion will be spent worldwide on application performance monitoring licenses and first-year maintenance contracts. This is a 15% increase over the $1.7 billion spent on APM in 2010, which grew by approximately 10%, compared with global spending in 2009. (1)

About APMdigest

APMdigest’s mission is to become the authority in the critical application performance management (APM) and monitoring technology market. It examines APM issues and trends and their relationship with business service management (BSM) and the related technology infrastructure.

1) The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring was published on September 19, 2011, and authored by Gartner analyst Will Cappelli.

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