Sideband Networks Debuts Application Aware Network Performance Monitoring Solution
November 12, 2013
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Sideband Networks announced its unified solution that correlates live traffic with logged network traffic generating a new perspective on network intelligence.

This solution provides network administrators with a single point of management, analytics of network traffic up to 40Gbps addressing both physical and virtual planes, intelligence that notifies with real-time alerts and action for their network issues.

Organizations now have a dynamic network discovery visual tool for mapping their networks while also providing detailed drill downs for a complete understanding of their network.

Sideband Networks meet four key needs that CIOs, network engineers and IT administrators are looking for in a network performance monitoring and diagnostics solution.

- Single Point of Management: Sideband provides a single point of visibility and control to the networking team. With the ability to monitor and analyze over 40Gbps of live traffic from a single system, Sideband provides deep insight and visibility into the devices, users and applications on the network. The Sideband Response Engine (RE) compares predicted and historical traffic models to real-time network traffic allowing for live, action-based responses to network issues and threats. As a result of improved network management, organizations can reduce operational costs.

- Live Traffic Analytics: The Sideband RE uses proprietary L2-7 data heuristics to monitor entire networks in real-time, while minimizing the amount of network data inspected. The heuristic filtering avoids the privacy concerns raised by overly invasive, record all-analyze later systems. Sideband uses information to better provide insight into network health and integrity.

- Correlate Live Data with Logged Data: Sideband provides real-time network knowledge combined with historical models, alerting network administrators before issues impact network performance and stability. By discovering the root causes and allowing the network team to take action, the network’s downtime and troubleshooting are reduced, resulting in lowering OpEx and improving business continuity.

- Dynamic Network Discovery: Sideband’s dynamic network discovery utilizes deep packet inspection along with network probing to build a full network diagram, including both the physical and logical connections. A complete network map allows network administrators to identify network anomalies and address them in real time.

Optional tools allow for audit, configuration and change control, cutting operational expenses and minimizing down time.

The added functionality of drilling down to devices, users and applications provides a full view of end-to-end network performance.

Sideband Networks will offer a downloadable virtual appliance solution for customers to validate prior to purchase.

“The fundamental problem that Sideband is solving is the lack of live, real-time visibility into the enterprise network which is essential for business continuity. As the enterprise network becomes more complex, so does the growth of fragmented point solutions,” said Zane Taylor, Founder and CEO, Sideband Networks. “Our vision is to provide cloud services and enterprise networks with a platform that provides full visibility and predictive intelligence on what’s happening now, in real-time. For the first time, enterprises have true predictive intelligence to take control of their networks.”

“Operating networks is becoming more challenging as applications move to the cloud, data center networks migrate to 10GB, and due to the increased adoption of SDN and network virtualization technologies,” said Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst at Doyle Research. “Sideband provides an innovative solution for network/IT managers looking to increase network applications visibility and reduce operational headaches.”

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