Everbridge Unveils Digital Operations Platform
December 01, 2021
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Everbridge launched its new Digital Operations Platform, helping organizations to save time and money, deliver continuous service uptime and maintain revenue streams.

The new platform extends Everbridge’s market-leading CEM for Digital solution to further support customers’ digital transformation efforts.

The new platform provides Everbridge’s enterprise customers with the ability to automate and streamline digital service delivery and incident management across teams and toolsets, and enables organizations to innovate and accelerate digital transformation initiatives, while continuing to meet key uptime service-level agreements (SLAs) and deliver great customer experiences.

Everbridge’s new Digital Operations Platform represents the seamless integration of the Everbridge and xMatters enterprise IT and cyber resilience solutions (following Everbridge’s acquisition of xMatters in May 2021). The platform includes many powerful new capabilities to help organizations rapidly assess digital service interruptions, act quickly to mitigate these issues, and continuously improve processes and services. It addresses organizations’ IT Ops, Security Ops & Cyber, DevOps, Infrastructure Ops, Customer Support and Major Incident Management (MIM) needs to keep operations running, safeguard revenue, and enhance enterprise operational resilience by managing digital and physical critical events through a single pane of glass.

Enterprises around the world rely on Everbridge to keep their operations running smoothly. A FORTUNE 500 banking institution selected the new Digital Operations Platform to streamline MIM across several global offices, and a FORTUNE 100 pharmaceutical company selected the platform to automate incident response.

The integration of the Everbridge and xMatters products offer customers a holistic, automated approach to digital and physical critical events.

“Everbridge launched its new Digital Operations Platform because customers from startups to global enterprises expressed a pressing need for a solution that embraces digital transformation with fewer service disruptions and faster innovation,” said Prashant Darisi, VP, Global Solutions, Everbridge. “When potential service degradations occur, the new Everbridge Digital Operations Platform keeps organizations’ digital operations running and their customers happy.”

Everbridge provides several key digital operations features and benefits within one platform. These include:

- Analytics-driven decision making powered by AI and machine learning to allow organizations to assess critical events, rapidly identify the best personnel to act, keep customers and stakeholders informed, and drive continuous improvement through rich postmortem analytics.

- Alert suppression with Signal Enrichment and contextual incident notifications to proactively assess threats and correlate alerts to make faster decisions. Target the right on-call personnel with a full view into an issue, allowing teams to rapidly remediate and resolve issues through automation while notifying stakeholders in the process.

- Cross-functional communication, so teams and other stakeholders can better coordinate actions for incident response or a crisis management event with digital runbooks. Everbridge provides rapid collaboration and orchestration tools, applications, and business processes to resolve issues faster.

- Out-of-the-box integrations for legacy applications, native support for on-premises, hybrid and cloud applications across application monitoring, Cyber, ITSM, ITOM and runbook automation toolsets, as well as risk feeds for dark web monitoring of ransomware and cyberthreats to the organization. Seamless integrations include ChatOps channels, conference bridges, and desktop alerting with immediate screen takeover for urgent alerts.

- Low-to-no code workflow automation offers drag-and-drop integrations to overcome vendor lock-ins and drive tools consolidation. The intuitive, drag-and-drop visual workflow builder allows teams to quickly automate and orchestrate workflows, runbooks, communication plans, and other business processes.

- Service Catalog allows organizations to define and manage the important technical and business services within the enterprise – and the teams supporting them. When a system performance degradation occurs, a new visual services map allows teams to quickly identify all affected services, and immediately engage SMEs.

- Flexible automated actions can be executed with one click, including business process approvals (e.g., permission to quarantine a network in case of cyber-attack, restart applications, or roll back a new patch that caused performance degradation).

- Granular capture and analysis of event timelines to drive better prioritization and categorization to ensure that organization remains focused on delivering the best customer experience and executing on the most important tasks.

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