Keynote Introduces Keynote Real User Perspective
June 24, 2013
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Keynote announced Keynote Real User Perspective, for monitoring the performance of real users on Web and mobile sites and applications.

Real User Perspective is integrated with Keynote's Transaction Perspective Web monitoring service and allows Web operations teams to compare, contrast and correlate real user performance with synthetic transaction measurements to arrive at more accurate and better conclusions faster to fix performance problems when they occur.

Real User Perspective leverages a W3C compliant JavaScript tag, supported by Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Browsers, among others, to measure real-time Web and mobile app performance across all geographies, browsers and connection speeds using a standards-based browser tag beaconing system.

Keynote Real User Perspective analyzes real user journeys with fuzzy-logic pattern matching making it practical for companies to monitor key business transactions, unlike other page-centric and code-diagnostic RUM solutions requiring proprietary JavaScript tags, instrumentation and re-engineering of application code and architecture, or data center appliances that are cumbersome to deploy.

With Real User Perspective IT teams can quickly diagnose problems whether related to content, network performance or an application, and share the results rapidly with business partners in an easy-to-use format that runs in a Web browser.

Dennis Drogseth, vice president at Enterprise Management Associates said, "Keynote's unique blend in offering both of these services is an industry first. The combination of real user measurements with synthetic transactions offers a complete picture that neither, by itself, can realize. Keynote's ability to correlate actual user experience with application performance metrics is also distinctive. Add to that the ease of admin and use through an on-demand delivery model and Keynote has clearly hit the nail on the head. It can now deliver unique value at the point where IT services and business outcomes converge."

Real User Perspective's built-in fuzzy-logic pattern recognition capabilities identify real user journeys that most closely match user journeys scripted in repeatable synthetic performance monitoring scripts. Web teams can immediately leverage the investment in Keynote's synthetic monitoring technology, because they can instantly see how real users are affected by performance problems by aligning performance alerts with real user paths or journeys.

Examples of how Keynote Real User Perspective can be used include the following:

- Understand the impact on and experience of real users affected when Keynote's synthetic monitoring service fires off a performance degradation alert

- Gain deep performance insights into the most common paths traversed by actual users and whether it's a browser, geographic or application problem

- Learn how to set up a user journey, or path, in order to better monitor the performance of a specific user flow that is business critical

- Measure last mile performance easily and more cost-effectively than using specialized synthetic monitors on DSL, Cable, and home VoIP lines.

Keynote Real User Perspective is an on-demand Real User Monitoring service that is currently in beta and will be generally available this summer.

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