ManageEngine Releases IT360 Version 10
July 02, 2013
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ManageEngine announced the industry's first enterprise search capability along with other major enhancements are now shipping in its integrated IT management solution, IT360.

The latest version of IT360 makes big strides in little data by giving IT teams the power to search databases of any third-party IT management and business application.

To push the unified IT management envelope even further, ManageEngine has reinforced IT360 with unified discovery, in-depth application monitoring, IP address management, switch-port mapping and project management features.

Unrelenting change in the business landscape is pressuring IT departments to deliver an unmatched user experience to internal and external customers alike. In response, IT teams need a complete, unified view of their network assets and the health of those assets, regardless of how many IT management applications inform that view. IT teams must also have deep, transaction-level insights into the performance of their applications as well as the end user's experience with those applications. Finally, large-scale IT tuning or troubleshooting projects must be efficiently managed to ensure timely, successful completion.

"Now more than ever, IT departments need a single pane of glass that IT360 provides them to manage their entire IT infrastructure," said Sridhar Iyengar, VP of product management at ManageEngine. "The latest version of IT360 builds out our unified IT management vision with industry-leading features such as enterprise search and unified discovery and other functions that reduce operating costs while providing deeper, real-time visibility into the entire IT infrastructure from a single console."

ManageEngine previewed enterprise search in the beta release of IT360 in April 2013. Now, enterprise search is generally available to any IT360 user who wants to take advantage of this industry-first, little data solution. Enterprise search helps IT teams take fast, informed action by providing a unified search console to search for any asset or keyword across third-party vendors' applications - without requiring users to program SQL queries or understand database schemas or structures.

In addition to enterprise search, IT360 now has the following new features:

- Unified discovery lets IT admins discover and configure all devices from a single discovery engine, regardless of the device category. IT360 can automatically scan the network to discover network devices, servers and applications and categorize them based on their configurations. This data can then be populated into IT360's integrated CMDB.

- APM Insight provides in-depth monitoring of business-critical applications running on J2EE, .NET and Ruby on Rails platforms. APM Insight supplements the established end-user experience monitoring in IT360, going beyond parameters such as application and network response times to analyze the transactions and tracing of applications at the code level as well as track applications' user satisfaction levels with Apdex scores.

- IP address management and switch-port mapper helps data center admins keep track of all devices and their related switch port connections. Now, IT360 automatically discovers devices plugged into each switch port. IT360 can also be configured to check the operational status and speed of each port. In addition, IT360 facilitates IP address management by scanning all IP addresses available in a subnet.

- Project management ensures efficient planning and execution of IT projects by letting IT teams manage those projects from inside IT360. The new IT360 project management module lets managers plan and track projects, set milestones and tasks, schedule various events and assign tasks.

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