Moogsoft Enhances Integration with PagerDuty
July 29, 2021
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Moogsoft announced new product features and improvements to speed up incident response and collaboration by further enhancing Moogsoft’s integration with PagerDuty.

This includes automatically adding context to users’ troubleshooting by prioritizing and automating event workflows while connecting multiple data catalogs containing rich contextual information; increase availability and uptime by extending integrations to Splunk for events, and Telegraf and Prometheus for metrics and detecting anomalies in users’ AWS infrastructure; programmatically automate event and incident workflows and processes to reduce toil through all new API functionality; and achieve greater accuracy and flexibility through automation via selected tag propagation.

According to the recent Research in Action “Vendor Selection Matrix™ Report – Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics: The Top 20 Global Vendors 2021” report, “improved service intelligence” and “improvements around employee, customer and business experience” ranked as the top benefits of using artificial intelligence predictive analytics (AIPA) solutions such as Observability with AIOps. As the AIOps and Observability movement pushes forward, Moogsoft is dedicated to providing a platform that enables efficiency and improved usability for organizations that rely on AIOps and Observability to ensure uptime and avoid customer-impacting issues.

“As digital first continues to become the backbone for businesses, there is a defined need for innovation in the world of AIOps and Observability to assure a superior customer experience," said Adam Frank, Moogsoft VP, Product Management and UX Design. “At Moogsoft, we are dedicated to leading that charge, further developing our platform to align with the needs of our current and future customers.”

The new product features and enhancements allow Moogsoft administrators, operators and other users to optimize productivity and focus time back on innovation.

New feature benefits and enhancements include:

- Bi-directional integration with PagerDuty: This integration enhancement allows for the acceleration of incident responses and collaboration. The bi-directional integration allows you to notify and engage the right people at the right time while keeping your incident workflow and progress in sync.

- Prioritized Event Workflows: Event Workflows take a seamless drag-and-drop UI approach to transforming and enriching data so you have all the context you need to speed up your troubleshooting. Order and prioritize workflows that connect to multiple Data Catalogs, add conditions and parse values, maximizing the context and valuable information.

- Enhancement of Data Catalogs: Data Catalogs allow you to connect to any data source that provides valuable information to aid in processes, workflows, and troubleshooting. Now, with this recent enhancement — using the Event Workflows drag and drop UI, or APIs — users can connect to any Data Catalog. The information within the Data Catalog will be added automatically to events, alerts, and incidents, so users increase the context when the time comes to fix things quickly.

- Improved global search: With improved global search, you can now search for any of your data from anywhere within the product. Results will contain links that will navigate you to the appropriate page instantly, for accurate and precise results.

- AWS CloudWatch integration: With this update, the AWS CloudWatch integration increases capabilities, allowing users to increase availability and uptime by detecting anomalies in the AWS infrastructure, ingesting alarms, and correlating them together, proactively assisting you to get ahead of any incident before it impacts your customers and business.

- Splunk: Moogsoft is the operational efficiency glue when you integrate Splunk using the new Moogsoft add-on to ingest your events. Correlate Splunk events with other disparate monitoring tools to cut through the noise and resolve issues faster.

- Telegraf: One of the largest open-source monitoring tools focused on metrics are now available for you to integrate into Moogsoft. Aggregate metrics by sending directly from your telegraf agents, detect anomalies and gain insights to increase your uptime and availability.

- Expansion of Moogsoft API: This latest update allows you to adopt an API first approach, providing expanded content, support for new languages, and an interactive "try-it-yourself" interface.

- Selected Tag Propagation: With this update, incidents will automatically aggregate and deduplicate all the tags, or the tags you have selected for propagation, from the correlated alerts within. This provides you with the fastest path to remediation by automating aspects of your workflow so you can lower mean-time-to-resolve and remain within SLA and SLOs.

- Bulk Updates: Save time by performing the same action on multiple alerts or incidents at the same time. Bulk Updates provides easy-to-use workflow options that allow you to apply a specific action to all selected alerts or incidents with a single click.

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