NetScout Joins the Vendor Forum
December 19, 2013
Pete Goldin
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Steven Shalita, Vice President, Marketing for NetScout Systems, Inc., has joined the APMdigest Vendor Forum.

Shalita is an experienced marketing strategist with more than 20 years of technology marketing leadership experience in the voice and data networking and telecommunications industries. He has a proven track record of delivering results and growing revenues by connecting technology with business needs to deliver customer value.

Shalita returned to NetScout in July of 2008, and was previously Director, Product Marketing at NetScout from 1997 through 1999. During his time away, he held marketing leadership positions at Alcatel-Lucent, Redback Networks, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems. At Alcatel-Lucent, he led the product marketing and strategy efforts for the company’s $1.2 Billion service provider router and network management portfolio.

At Redback Networks, he led product and technical marketing activities, including the introduction of the company’s entrance into the metro Ethernet market.

During his nearly six years at Cisco Systems, he served in a series of increasingly strategic assignments, including leading enterprise networking marketing efforts across Europe, Middle East and Africa and leading worldwide strategy and marketing activities for Cisco’s $9 billion LAN switching portfolio where he was a driving force in establishing Cisco’s global leadership position in the Enterprise network market.

Shalita has extensive global experience in a broad range of networking, and network management technologies for Enterprise, SMB and Service Provider segments.

NetScout Systems, Inc., the market leader in Unified Service Delivery Management, provides highly scalable, real-time network and application performance management capabilities that enable end-to-end visibility of application performance beyond the server environment to assure service delivery quality and the user experience.

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