New Year's Resolution: Five Network Monitoring Tips for 2016
January 14, 2016

Dirk Paessler
Paessler AG

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New Year's resolutions aren't always the easiest to keep, but for IT workers, we have a few suggestions that will work wonders in 2016. Network and systems administrators do important work that keep businesses operating, yet are often overworked and overlooked. But this year, if they resolve to monitor their networks, they'll improve performance, productivity and perhaps even work a little less. Here are five easy ways IT can solve common problems with network monitoring in 2016:

1. Get A Handle On Your Growing Infrastructure

SMB and small enterprise IT is not any less complex than enterprise IT, it's just smaller in scale. The addition of cloud services, virtual machines, mobility, and even in some cases the Internet of Things has created a sprawling infrastructure that needs to be managed. Network monitoring, including features like mapping and auto-discovery, give administrators the power to stay on top of their growing infrastructure.

2. Eliminate Split Shifts and Overnights

Employees need 24/7 access to files and business applications – and they need it regardless of whether or not IT can staff it. But, nothing weakens the morale of an IT department more than split or overnight shifts. Network monitoring software acts as an extra set of eyes, ones that can monitor key infrastructure all day and alert IT when there are problems, giving admins peace of mind when they aren't at the office.

3. Set Up Separate WiFi

Much thinking has gone into how best to address BYOD. While issues of security and access are more complex, one issue should be a no-brainer – set up a separate WiFi network for employees' mobile devices. App updates, syncing and streaming video can all sop bandwidth, but rather than play cop with your coworkers, it's much easier to set up a separate network and monitor it.

4. Keep Track of Your Certificates

Some cyberattacks are sophisticated and many of the smartest companies in the world are struggling to find ways to solve that problem. But, many more are not, and instead rely on simple exploits, things like either flawed or expired SSL certificates. Network monitoring allows you to track SSL certificates and notify expiration, which takes much of the security risk off the table.

5. Control Costs

As technology has changed so has the nature of spending, especially on cloud. Load testing, computer power, cloud storage and other services all involve paying for scale, but when it comes to a lot of the services, those dollars can add up if you forget to turn them off. Using networking monitoring to track cloud usage can be a major cost saver.

We can't speak for all New Year's resolutions, but if IT can stick with network monitoring, they'll have at least one thing to celebrate at the end of 2016.

Dirk Paessler is CEO and Founder of Paessler AG.

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