Novell Unveils Next-Generation Business Service Management Solution
Novell Operations Center monitors, maps and measures business services and ensures service and configuration compliance
November 10, 2010
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Novell announced the availability of Novell Operations Center, a Business Service Management solution that monitors, maps and measures mission-critical services in physical, virtual and cloud computing infrastructures.

Formerly known as Novell Business Service Manager, Novell Operations Center features a built-in connector to Amazon EC2, full integration with Novell's portfolio of identity and systems management products and flexible packaging options. With Novell Operations Center, enterprises now have a real-time view of their IT infrastructure to accurately measure the quality of service they deliver to the business.

With this announcement, Novell has now fully integrated the Managed Objects portfolio of products with Novell's systems management solutions. As the newest product to be released from Novell's WorkloadIQT roadmap, Novell Operations Center is another milestone in Novell's delivery of products to meet the growing demand for intelligent workload management solutions. Intelligent workload management helps companies leverage their existing IT assets and management tools to realize the significant cost benefits offered by new models like virtualization and cloud computing, and provides them with the necessary tools to securely manage their IT services across organizational and geographical boundaries, and across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

New features for Novell Operations Center include:

- Tight integration with Novell identity, security and systems management solutions, in addition to support for many of the industry's leading monitoring and management tools.

- Integration with Amazon EC2 -- Incorporates event management information from Amazon EC2, providing seamless monitoring and management of workloads. In addition, Novell Operations Center helps businesses monitor workloads being deployed to Amazon EC2, thus controlling costs as well as performance of the workloads.

- Flexible packaging -- Updated options allow customers to select the starting point for service management that best meets business requirements.

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