PerimeterX Releases Page Defender
August 29, 2019
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PerimeterX announced the acquisition of PageSeal, an early pioneer in client-side protection, and also announced the general availability of PerimeterX Page Defender.

Based on PageSeal technology, Page Defender is a client-side malware protection solution that blocks unwanted ads and browser extensions from redirecting web visitors so they can complete their intended path resulting in more revenue for eCommerce sites.

“From day one, our vision has been to empower customers to grow their digital businesses, whether that means defending their websites from automated attacks, protecting their brand reputation, or helping them increase conversions,” said Omri Iluz, co-founder and CEO of PerimeterX. “We are thrilled to further this vision with the addition of the PageSeal team and its technology to our expanding portfolio of solutions. This expansion helps eCommerce customers unleash the power of web applications to build their business.”

While the number of people that shop online continues to grow, so does the number of users on the web whose computers are infected with malware and injections that completely change their experience. Up to 20 percent of visitors to a site experience pop-ups, banners, clickjacks and redirects that negatively impact their experience, their perception of a brand and their purchases from that business. Page Defender solves the problem of the client-side blindspot that results from browser malware.

Page Defender is an agentless solution that detects and prevents unwanted ads and redirects from changing the intended path of infected users. With browser malware protection, businesses can preserve the user’s experience on their website, protect their brand reputation and grow their business. Page Defender protects visitors from thousands of different types of extensions and malware injections while ensuring quick page response times and positive user experience for all visitors.

Page Defender helps users complete their intended path to purchase, delivers a seamless user experience on the website, and helps companies protect their brand equity and reputation.

Features and benefits include:

- Easy Integration: Integrates in minutes using any form of tag manager

- Preserves Page Load Performance: Built to ensure quick page response times

- Flexibility: Lets the business decide which injections to block and which to allow

- Continuous Learning: Automatically learns and blocks new malware and injections

- Protection at Scale: Scales with traffic across multiple domains

The PageSeal team, including Founders Samuel Botushansky and Nir Levi, has been fully integrated into PerimeterX. Ken Zwiebel, former CEO at PageSeal, has been appointed General Manager at PerimeterX.

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