Launches Foresight CI Observability Tool v2
December 06, 2021
Share this announced the launch of its Foresight - CI Observability Tool v2.

This new version of the product enables developers and engineering teams to detect root causes of any failures and latencies in CI, build, and testing pipelines.

The CI pipeline is not very observable during the build process or during other steps in general. Developers are still trying to understand the root causes of problems using ancient techniques such as logging, and thus the blind spot between development and production still remains. Likewise, development teams find it difficult to quickly identify how long their CI workflows, builds, tests, and jobs take; which builds or tests fail; and why they fail in the CI pipeline.

"We aggregated our technology and experience in Foresight and we strongly believe that it will significantly ease the lives of developers," says Berkay Mollamustafaoglu, CEO of Thundra.

The software development life cycle has become increasingly agile and code changes are frequently made in continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. Tracing the root cause of an error or latency detected while building or testing a code change in an application has become much more complex than before, and time can be wasted trying to understand the issue. Solving the observability problem during software development is vital for organizations that frequently release new features and fix bugs.

Thundra Foresight offers advanced CI monitoring and observability capabilities that not only help developers and software development teams to discover when an error occurs in the CI pipeline, but that also provide the path to uncovering the root cause of the problem and thus take preventive measures to stop the same error from happening again.

Thundra Foresight's new capability allows engineering teams to address CI issues quickly and maintain more efficient, reliable pipelines. It provides end-to-end observability across each step of the CI pipeline. Foresight users benefit from visualized key metrics such as build duration and failure rates that help ensure pipelines are error-free and workflows are reliable and healthy.

Operational performance for DevOps, meaning how smoothly the development is brought to production, is crucial. Improving the DevOps performance requires monitoring every step of the software development pipeline. Thundra Foresight helps DevOps engineers monitor their CI pipelines efficiently by providing events and job information to gain granular insights on pipeline and test performance over time.

At the end of the day, Foresight helps to ship code more quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

"CI/CD has become the common practice in software development life cycles, yet software development teams were left alone with huge piles of logs because they lacked a good level of visibility into pre-production workflows," says Serkan Ozal, CTO of Thundra. "With the release of Thundra Foresight's CI Observability, we are enabling development teams to extend observability capabilities from production environments to pre-production development, CI, and testing pipelines. This significantly improves developers' productivity by enabling more frequent deployments and more robust code, all done safely with enhanced speed."

With the launch of Version 2, Thundra's CI Visibility product Foresight delivers:

- CI Pipeline Monitoring: You can monitor all of your CI workflows at the same time, all in one place. Gain insightful analytics at the moment you commit your code to improve the performance, cost, and development time. Thundra Foresight provides comprehensive visibility into your CI pipelines by generating card views for the CI workflows of your repositories.

- Test Monitoring and Debugging: Thundra Foresight enables you to identify and debug erroneous tests using seamless distributed tracing and time-travel debugging capabilities. You don't have to waste time reproducing errors on your local environments; instead, you can troubleshoot by stepping over each line of the code and track the values of variables in each test run.

- Performance Analytics for CI, Builds, and Tests: Thundra Foresight provides a high-level overview of performance across all your workflow runs. By monitoring workflow success rates and run durations, you can identify where you need to focus your efforts troubleshooting and debugging for specific workflow runs. It provides a visualization of each service a test interacts with to understand why they're failing, and records and replays the test code to pinpoint the exact root cause of issues.

- Support for CI/CD Environments: Thundra Foresight's CI monitoring is platform-agnostic. You can monitor your GitHub CI pipelines in any runtime or any framework because Foresight doesn't need any configurations. Whereas Thundra Foresight's test debugging feature out-of-the-box support multiple CI providers including GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Bitbucket, Azure, and TeamCity as well as instrumentation for tests in multiple languages including Java, JavaScript, and Python.

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