Bank Technology News Names Netuitive “Top 10 Tech Company to Watch”
Predictive Analytics Recognized for Reducing Operational Risk by Assuring Stability of Critical Applications
December 05, 2011
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Netuitive, a leading provider of predictive analytics software for IT, today announced it has been named one of Bank Technology News “Top 10 Tech Companies to Watch” featured in the December issue.

Cloud, predictive analytics, security and mobile payment providers lead the publications’ list of the most intriguing vendors for the banking industry in 2012. Netuitive’s predictive analytics software was recognized for its ability to reduce operational risk by assuring the stability of mission critical applications.

Eight of the world’s 10 largest banks are now in production with Netuitive’s self-learning, predictive analytics software platform that sits on top of their traditional monitoring tools, providing a holistic view of performance across business, application, and infrastructure silos.
Powered by its patented Behavior Learning Engine, Netuitive software correlates real-time performance and application data from a multitude of data sources and presents it as a composite “health score” for each application or service. This composite view enables early detection of performance anomalies that could be leading indicators of a cascading application failure or service degradation.

This enables proactive management of critical applications in core banking services, payments and treasury services, as well as key capital markets applications and services, such as trade execution, market data and reference data.

Morgan Stanley uses Netuitive’s software to manage its private cloud environment encompassing more than 100,000 virtual desktops, and for which Netuitive was awarded Morgan Stanley’s prestigious “CTO Award for Innovation” earlier this year.

“Large global banks were early adopters of virtualization and the first to address performance challenges in exponentially more complex IT environments,” said Nicola Sanna, President and CEO, Netuitive. “They quickly learned that only through machine-driven analysis could they achieve service level visibility and ensure quality of experience for critical services. Predictive analytics is now becoming recognized as a must-have for application performance management in large environments made even more complex by virtualization and cloud computing.”

The Bank Technology News annual ranking of the “Top 10 Tech Companies to Watch” profiles innovative companies focused on technology segments of greatest interest and potential promise to financial institutions. For a complete listing of the companies profiled in the ranking, please visit .

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