BigPanda Launches BigPanda University and New ServiceNow Integration
December 03, 2020
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BigPanda announced powerful new integration capabilities to support ServiceNow customers and a multitude of other systems, and the launch of a new online self-service resource called BigPanda University.

Integration with ServiceNow

Based on customer demand, BigPanda has developed a new integration with ServiceNow, providing additional value to joint customers from their ServiceNow instances.

With today’s large enterprises embracing a best-of-breed tools strategy involving the adoption of world-class solutions like ServiceNow and BigPanda, this new integration enables:

- Easily customizable ticketing automation. In minutes, users can quickly customize and fine-tune the behavior of their ticketing integration (e.g. define new logic to populate the priority of a ticket or link a ticket to specific CIs based on alert tags) without needing to rely on expensive professional services or a long in-house development project.

- Enhanced, highly intuitive administration UI. The new streamlined admin UI enables users to easily and quickly configure and customize all three aspects of the integration: Automated Ticketing, Change Management and CMDB/Topology.

- Fully extendable capabilities. For customers looking to create highly advanced logic, BigPanda makes it easy to customize and tweak the integration’s ServiceNow scripts and business rules. BigPanda provides an out-of-the-box library of examples, code snippets and documentation for fast results.

Additionally, BigPanda has announced the launch of Integrations Diagnostics, a new capability that helps customers rapidly build, fine-tune and troubleshoot custom integrations on their own, and bring in new sources of data and address evolving business needs.

Integrations Diagnostics makes it easy for teams to bring in data from commercial, homegrown, legacy or other niche tools with the full support that BigPanda is known for.

BigPanda University

The company has also announced the launch of BigPanda University, an online resource where prospects and customers can consume content including a library of “Getting Started” videos, guides and best practices documentation to help users get the most value from the BigPanda platform.

BigPanda University reaffirms the company’s commitment to ease-of-use and a world-class, self-service user experience by providing the necessary tools to empower and enable success throughout the AIOps journey.

BigPanda University also offers advanced learning opportunities, allowing users to take a deeper dive and walk through the steps of a highly effective workflow for incident management.

“One aspect of a comprehensive self-service experience is the creation of an extensive set of customer education content, for all the stages of the product onboarding process and all levels of usage,” said Elik Eizenberg, CTO and co-founder, BigPanda. “The content housed under the BigPanda University umbrella are valuable companions to our comprehensive documentation library and FAQ knowledge base, further reinforcing the rapid time to value we deliver for our users.”

BigPanda Growth in 2020

During fiscal year 2020, BigPanda added 31 Fortune 500 companies as customers, including seven in the Fortune 100, doubling its enterprise customer base. New customers include household names across all industries and sizes, including Expedia, Sony Interactive, Wiley, Fanatics, LogMeIn and TIVIT. To capitalize on their momentum, the company has continued to build out the Go To Market team to support accelerated growth in 2021.

This year, BigPanda also saw a 96% renewal rate across their customer base, with a 99.4% cumulative customer satisfaction score. This demonstrates that, in addition to new growth, the business is retaining happy customers who see strategic and continued value in BigPanda’s solution.

“Every business faced a multitude of unforeseen challenges in 2020, so we’re both proud and grateful to our new and existing customers who continue to place trust in us as they navigate today’s circumstances,” said Assaf Resnick, CEO and co-founder, BigPanda. “As we look ahead to 2021, we have put ourselves in an advantageous competitive position, and our commitment to continually evolving our industry-leading platform will keep us there for the foreseeable future.”

BigPanda at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

BigPanda will take part in the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, an online event taking place Dec. 7-10. The company will meet with Gartner customers and analysts during the virtual conference, showcasing its AIOps-powered Event Correlation and Automation solution and to attendees who want to understand how they can successfully adopt AIOps.

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