BMC Expands Latin America Channel Program
May 20, 2016
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BMC is tripling its investment and expanding and strengthening its channel program in Latin America.

To lead this effort, Jorge López has been appointed Director of Channels for Latin America.

López has extensive knowledge and experience in the region. Lopez has held a variety of leadership positions during his 14-year tenure at BMC and has more than 20 years of experience in the IT market, having previously worked at HP, Informix, and Remedy.

"As our customers are making the journey to digital and viewing BMC as an enabler of digital business, we have identified an opportunity to scale our Latin America business by expanding our partner ecosystem. This necessitates further investment of time and people focused on our partners' success. Thus, we have tripled the size of our channel team and promoted Jorge López to lead this expansion," said Jason Andrew, SVP, Sales for the Americas, BMC.

Jorge López points out that the development of the channel program in Latin America is a key component for growth. "Our focus is to build and tailor our program for each local market to enable our partners' success. Our program will be focused on incentives, certifications, enablement and joint events that benefit both potential and existing partners," says López.

BMC provides partners with the same training courses, materials, tests, and certificates as it does its employees to ensure they are trained to the highest standards. "Our goal is to have a real and mutually beneficial relationship with our partner ecosystem. We support our partners and customers throughout the entire customer transformation, from discovery through delivery, and beyond," said Dan Streetman, SVP of Worldwide Strategic Sales and Operations, BMC.

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