CA APM 10.7 Released
March 22, 2018
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CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) r10.7 is now available.

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This release is strongly focused on cloud and container monitoring and application to infrastructure monitoring and correlation.

Organizations are embracing Docker Containers to speed development, but a lack of performance visibility across more complex application architectures can compromise this goal. What’s now needed are modern monitoring approaches that natively support Docker Containers, Kubernetes and cloud environments and don’t overburden teams with lengthy configurations and unnecessary overhead. CA APM supports a variety or cloud and container environments with a low-touch, maximum visibility approach, including automatic flow and dependency mapping, adaptive baselining, and performance correlation across hosts, containers and applications – in the most complex and demanding distributed microservices architectures.

In CA APM you can easily view container, host, application and underlying infrastructure services in one place where all metrics and transactions are correlated across the stack to provide detailed insights, dependencies and analysis giving you the context you need to understand these complex environments. You can easily switch between application and infrastructure views to better understand the service health. Information collected are then correlated and analyzed as evidence in Assisted Triage to help reduce the noise and get to the real root cause of an issue quickly.

New in CA APM 10.7 for cloud and container monitoring include:

- OpenShift Monitoring – monitors performance, correlates application components to OpenShift-aware infrastructure layers. An container image of the monitoring service can be downloaded from the Red Hat Container Catalog.

- Kubernetes Monitoring – monitors performance, correlates application components to Kubernetes-aware infrastructure layer

- Enhanced Docker Monitoring – simplifies deployment of monitoring, correlates application components to Docker-aware infrastructure layer

- Enhanced VMware Monitoring – monitors VM and physical performance, correlates application components to VMware-aware infrastructure layer

APM 10.7 also adds the following capabilities in early access:

- AWS Monitoring – correlates your application to infrastructure with rich attribute metadata

- Azure Monitoring – correlates your application to infrastructure with rich attribute metadata

- Cloud Foundry – correlates your application to infrastructure with rich attribute metadata

In addition to cloud and container monitoring, there are many new features that continue on our path of delivering a modern APM platform including :

- Agent Health View – monitors and visualize APM infrastructure health for APM administrators

- F5 monitoring as an APM Infrastructure Agent extension

- Web server monitoring as an APM Infrastructure Agent extension

- APM Command Center Enhancements – additional agent platforms and improved configuration workflow

- Early Preview of Bootstrap Agent – the last agent you will ever need to upgrade to; contact product management to get the agent

- Diagnostic Waterfall Charts – available in CA App Experience Analytics and in CA APM, this feature provides real user resource waterfall which allows you to drill down into individual sessions to see exactly what an individual or group of users experienced when they reached your site. This lets you to determine how quickly the components loaded and which components caused the slow load times, whether it was an internal or 3rd party resource.

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