Cherwell Expands Technology Alliance Partner Program
August 07, 2019
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Cherwell Software has made changes to its Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program to better enable interoperability for common customers and meet the growing demand for technology integrations to the service desk and across the enterprise.

The enhanced TAP program is focused on meeting the digital transformation needs of Cherwell’s growing base of global customers to make their delivery of services more effective and use of resources more efficient. Through the TAP ecosystem, Cherwell provides more value to current customers and drives business for the company and global technology partners.

“We know from a study we recently conducted that information workers in today’s workplaces greatly benefit when their work processes are connected seamlessly – regardless of what technology solution they’re using,” said Scott Gainey, chief marketing officer of Cherwell. “With the evolution of our technical partner program, we’re looking forward to deeper engagement with companies across the spectrum of technical enablement today.”

To facilitate seamless service in a multi-platform world, Cherwell Technology Alliance Partner BeyondTrust has enabled secure remote support within the Cherwell Service Management platform.

“IT service desks that operate with a high first contact resolution rate deploy remote support as a standard practice,” said Tim Byrne, Director of Technology Alliances at BeyondTrust. “The technology alliance partnership between BeyondTrust and Cherwell allows for a natural inroad for us to provide organizations with remote support and privileged access capabilities directly from the service desk.”

By partnering with Cherwell, partners receive a not-for-resale license key for Cherwell Service Management or another required product; product documentation and limited product support; access to joint marketing assets and initiatives; and additional benefits, including a referral element, depending on a partnership level.

Key Updates to the TAP Program:

- No-cost access to a TAP specific learning path to support innovation

- Access to joint marketing assets and templates to accelerate and enable go-to-market initiatives

- Dedicated partner account manager and compensation for referrals, based on partnership level: Associate, Premier, or Elite Associate: This level makes up the bulk of the technology alliance ecosystem and is comprised of companies of various sizes and use cases, which add value to a particular Cherwell implementation or set of customer circumstances.

- Premier: Building on the associate level, premier partners are typically leaders in their respective segment with a significant overlap of common customers, and rising demand for a strategic use case for those shared customers. At this level, referral activity is also taken into account.

- Elite: At the highest level, Cherwell looks for bi-directionally strategic partnerships. These select companies are invited to this level to collaborate on a significant go-to-market opportunity.

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