Compuware Releases New APM Platform
Compuware APM Now Rebranded as Gomez
May 17, 2011
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Compuware Corporation announced a new major release of its integrated application performance management (APM) solution, the Compuware Gomez platform. This release introduces industry-first solutions that help customers increase revenues, profitability and brand equity by optimizing mobile and web application performance across the entire application delivery chain, from data centers, through the cloud, to the edge of the Internet.

This update includes new functionality in both Compuware’s on-premises APM products (formerly called Vantage) and its software-as-a-service (SaaS) APM products, now all operating under the Gomez product brand name.

As more organizations depend on revenue-generating and customer-facing applications that use mobile devices, multiple browsers and third-party cloud services, it has become more important – and more complex – to ensure top application performance. Compuware’s latest release of the Gomez platform focuses on new innovations to measure end-user experience so organizations can optimize their mobile application performance, measure the business impact of web application performance and integrate with web performance technology from Google.

New features and capabilities in the Gomez Spring 2011 Platform Release include:

* Industry First--Gomez Mobile Real-User Monitoring: The industry’s first mobile real-user monitoring solution that enables organizations to understand the actual performance end users are experiencing when using native mobile applications or accessing websites from mobile devices. Gomez Mobile Real-User Monitoring provides detailed performance analytics not available in any other monitoring solution. It works for native mobile applications and browsers across any mobile device, operating system or carrier.

* New Gomez Mobile Readiness Assessment: Provides an automatic assessment of the readiness of a website for mobile visitors by scoring the site against a set of standards and suggesting areas of improvement. This allows organizations to rate their mobile application’s capability to run across devices and browsers.

* Industry First--Gomez Browser Real-User Monitoring Performance Conversion Analytics: Measures the business impact of poor performance on web conversions by correlating web performance with abandonment along each step of a web transaction. For every step, Gomez Browser Real-User Monitoring measures the number of users who have a satisfying, tolerating or frustrating experience. This aids web teams in assessing if performance is helping or hurting their web conversions, which directly impacts their online revenues.

* Industry First--Integration With Google Page Speed: The first and only integration with Google Page Speed enables organizations to leverage Google technology to automatically assess web performance against a set of rules, providing a specific score and recommendations for improvement. This allows organizations to optimize their web pages based on industry best-practices.

* Industry First--Internet Health Map With Last Mile Data: This free offering from Compuware uses a “collective intelligence” approach to indicate the operational health of the Internet to help organizations determine if a performance problem is specific to them or shared by other users. By comparing the results of the millions of tests that run on the Gomez global performance network every day to a rolling baseline of data for the same weekday and time, the Gomez Internet Health Map detects aberrations that are indicative of a general Internet performance issue at specific geographic locations. Because Compuware has the only testing network with 150,000+ real computers that operate at the “edge of the Internet” running behind local ISPs, the data from this “Last Mile” provides the most accurate insight into the true performance conditions experienced by real users.

* New High-volume Load-testing Agent: In addition to current real-world load generation from browsers and mobile devices, Gomez Web Load Testing now offers a highly scalable HTTP load agent that generates load from the cloud. The new agent enables self-service web load testing up to millions of page views per hour and can be run in conjunction with the Gomez Last Mile for unprecedented accuracy in user-experience measurement.

* Updated Products for the Data Center: Enhancements to Gomez Business Service Manager (formerly called Vantage Service Manager), Gomez Real-User Monitoring – Data Center (formerly called Vantage Real-User Monitoring), and Gomez Java and .NET Monitoring (formerly called Vantage for Java and NET Monitoring) deliver expanded depth and breadth of visibility in data center performance monitoring.

* New Support for Cisco Unified Compute Server: Compuware has certified and optimized its on-premises software to integrate with and run on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). Compuware has a strategic technology integration agreement with Cisco and will be the OEM and authorized manufacturer to sell and recommend Cisco UCS to run all on-premises Gomez APM solutions.

Compuware Integrates APM Product Line into Single Brand

With the release of the new platform, Compuware has rebranded its APM products to a single product family name, Compuware Gomez. This single brand approach underscores the integration and unification of the Compuware APM product lines.

Under the new branding, all Vantage products have been renamed with the Gomez brand name. The products from the Vantage family continue to be strategically critical to Compuware’s APM strategy, and the company will continue to aggressively invest in and develop them. Likewise, the Gomez SaaS family of products will continue to be developed and supported.

This rebranding is another major step in Compuware’s continued investment in its integrated APM solution. As part of its APM unification strategy, Compuware recently formed a dedicated APM business unit spanning all APM products and major organizational functions, including engineering, operations, product management, sales, marketing, service and support. This will accelerate the integration and focus for the APM product line, now called Gomez.

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