EMA's Dennis Drogseth Publishes New Novel
December 12, 2012
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Dennis Drogseth, VP of Research at EMA, has published a new novel entitled "BWLF".

What would a truly visionary presidential figure look and sound like in a world in which miracles really can happen? One willing to speak in a way that no “real” political figure would dare? A candidate destined to become a modern Beowulf tested not only by the present, but also by the ancient, geologic past?

As winter turns to spring, Tuscaloosa, Alabama is overrun by a thick fog, bizarre thunder storms, and a string of astonishing murders. In parallel, Dan Morgan, an expert in cognitive disorders, faces the gravest ordeal of his life as he campaigns to become Alabama’s next governor. He not only has an uphill battle against a popular, local good-old-boy, but discovers that he must also contend with a time of legend stretching back to ancient Eocene seas. Yet even as he struggles against a trio of monsters – a giant bird, a snarly toothed sea serpent, and a murderous but conflicted Neanderthal – Dan Morgan comes to realize that his greatest challenges still lie in this world with its fractured intimacies and divisive politics.

“Technology is a great place for imagination to thrive, and also a great place to attract people with diverse imaginative interests. Writing fiction has been a passion of sorts for nearly thirty years - and resulted in seven novels," says Drogseth. "If anything, it has complemented and helped at times to stimulate the work I do in technology, just as interaction with some of the many ‘thinkers’ in technology has helped to nurture some of the fiction.”

Authorship of the novel is under "Dennis Nils" - his full name is Dennis Nils Drogseth - to keep his fiction writing separate from his illustrious career as an EMA analyst.

BWLF available on Amazon.com

BWLF available from Trapdoor Books

An enhanced ebook with full audio track, interviews and search available by Christmas.

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