ManageEngine Adds Visual Change Workflow Builder to ServiceDesk Plus
February 20, 2018
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ManageEngine is bringing a visual change workflow builder to the cloud version of its IT service management (ITSM) software, ServiceDesk Plus.

This change workflow builder includes a drag-and-drop interface with multiple stages, statuses, notifications and actions, such as approvals, all of which can be added as nodes across the life cycle of a workflow.

Available immediately, the latest update to the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus also features programmable custom actions - including tasks, notifications, webhooks and custom functions - for service desk tickets.

"IT change management is all about being in control and managing risks, but too often, IT teams have to deal with rigid and convoluted processes which only make things more difficult," said Rajesh Ganesan, Director of Product Management at ManageEngine. "The ServiceDesk Plus visual workflow builder now offers broader visibility, deeper insights and better control for IT service desk teams implementing changes."

The latest update to the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus helps ITSM teams build visual workflows in a way that provides them clarity - from change submission to implementation.

The ServiceDesk Plus enhanced change management module empowers IT teams to:

- Generate multi-stage change workflows, with statuses specific to each stage.

- Configure actions, such as conditions, switches, notifications, approvals and field updates, across entire change workflows.

- Create custom change templates, associate them with change workflows, and visually track the progress of changes through their entire life cycle.

- Define change roles with specific view, edit and approval permissions for various stakeholders.

The cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus now allows IT service desk teams to configure custom actions that can be executed on tickets through business rules and triggers.

Admins can invoke a variety of custom actions throughout a ticket's life cycle, including:

- Notifications: Email and SMS messages that are triggered based on ticket criteria.

- Tasks: Sub-activities associated with a request.

- Webhooks: External URL or API calls for third-party app integrations.

- Custom functions: Additional functionalities and workflows built on Deluge, a low-code online scripting language from ManageEngine's parent company, Zoho.

The cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus is available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions.

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