ManageEngine Applications Manager Gains Ruby on Rails Support
July 24, 2012
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ManageEngine announced the immediate availability of Ruby on Rails support in its performance monitoring software package, Applications Manager.

The move lets Applications Manager monitor applications running on Ruby on Rails environments as well as measure user satisfaction of critical web applications, capture transaction traces and view performance metrics of Ruby components.

Today, many startup companies use Ruby on Rails, aka Rails, because it helps them develop applications easily and quickly. The IT operations teams of these organizations require an affordable monitoring solution that not only helps them perform in-depth transaction monitoring of Rails and SaaS apps, but also view performance metrics across the stack.

"Rails is quite popular among startups because of its ease of development," said Gibu Mathew, Director of Product Management at ManageEngine. "Applications Manager now complements their efforts by providing a credible transaction monitoring tool that includes not just Rails transaction monitoring, but also views across the deployment stack comprising virtualization, app servers, databases, and web service technologies."

The Rails web transaction monitoring capability in Applications Manager helps development teams in organizations identify slow spots in a transaction by showing method level traces and database queries.

Similarly, Applications Manager provides Apdex user experience scores for Rails components, helping IT communicate application performance achievements to the line of business managers in the language of the business.

IT administrators can view transaction trace history and performance metrics of all components ranging from URLs to SQL queries. If there is any performance degradation, users can see a trail of Ruby method invocations to further pinpoint the problematic code. They can identify slow database calls, database usage and overall performance of the database. With the aid of these comprehensive stats, IT personnel can troubleshoot application performance issues quickly and thereby deliver a superior end-user experience.

Startups can even have the Applications Manager real browser monitor running from outside their data center by having it installed on an Amazon EC2 instance. This feature complements the Rails transaction monitoring capability, giving users a perspective from both outside as well as inside the data center.

Applications Manager lets users monitor up to five Rails application instances for free and supports Mongrel, Phusion Passenger, WEBrick, Apache, lighttpd, Nginx and other Rails web servers.

ManageEngine Applications Manager 10.6 is available immediately with prices starting at $795 for up to 25 servers or applications.

Click here for more information on Applications Manager

Click here to download a fully functional 30-day trial version

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