Moogsoft Observability Cloud Integrates with Datadog
Moogsoft Joins Datadog Marketplace
February 16, 2021
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Moogsoft announced a new integration with Datadog. Available through the Datadog Marketplace, this new integration enables IT Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams to easily start ingesting events and metrics from Datadog into the Moogsoft Observability Cloud.

Datadog’s monitoring and security platform provides metrics, traces, logs, and more to provide observability for modern environments. This new integration allows SREs, IT Ops, and DevOps pros to instantly see context-rich Moogsoft-generated incidents from across the full stack in either platform, boosting service availability. Put simply, it slashes the time an SRE must spend sifting through data to get to the cause of a service outage.

Time spent triaging alerts and identifying incident root cause impairs the value DevOps practitioners and SRE teams can deliver to organizations. Using this new integration, customers can leverage Moogsoft’s algorithms in conjunction with Datadog’s insights to automate the identification of critical, actionable data, then correlate meaningful alerts into context-rich incidents that they can quickly resolve from within the Datadog Incident Dashboard.

“Customers rely on Datadog to quickly be alerted on production issues and help them find resolutions,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, VP of Product and Community at Datadog. “The root cause analysis that Watchdog and our partners provide ensures that engineering teams can respond to incidents more effectively. Moogsoft combines Datadog’s findings with those of other toolsets to enrich and augment the insights available to developers. We are excited to welcome them into the ecosystem of partners available via the Datadog Marketplace.”

Using this integration, Datadog users can use both platforms to:

- Achieve more context across incidents: Joint customers can use Moogsoft and Datadog to enrich telemetry from Metrics, Events and Logs APIs, as well as CI data from Datadog’s Topology APIs, with other data from across their environments including configuration database management systems (CMDBs), asset management databases, discovery systems and more.

- Accelerate identification of root cause: Moogsoft automatically adds key incident information such as location, department, business criticality, service relationships, runbooks and escalation processes.

- Minimize the impact and time spent on service-impacting outages: Moogsoft and Datadog algorithms automatically surface anomalies to Datadog customers, helping them address incidents before they introduce service impacts.

- Accelerate Monitoring Transformation: Moogsoft and Datadog automate event correlation across legacy on-premises systems and modern multi-cloud environments in one place, eliminating duplicates and effectively reducing the overall number of incidents across the full stack.

“The avalanche of data coming from modern environments is simply too much for the human mind to process, and is a major drag on the efficiency of SRE teams,” said Phil Tee, Founder and CEO of Moogsoft. “This integration between Moogsoft and Datadog equips our joint customers with AI to automate the analysis of any data into actionable insights, freeing humans to spend time innovating. Best of all, Datadog users can start seeing these results in the time it takes to make a cappuccino!”

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