Nastel Releases XRay 1.4
December 01, 2021
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Nastel Technologies announced the immediate availability of the XRay AIOps and Tracing and Tracking solution's latest release.

XRay extracts and includes middleware messaging and other i2 data, combines it with data streams, log files, and other machine data, and also maps everything against time parameters to present a topology model of how the data and "transactions" flow through the entire enterprise application stack. Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (ML AI) is applied to compare the topology of a user's experience to the historical record of similar requests to identify the subtle, early indicators of a performance anomaly. Automation is applied for both rapid remediation, and pre-emptive actions as the system learn and improves.

This release includes enhancements to seamlessly support IoT infrastructures and integrations, containerized environments, and latest IBM MQ and Red Hat OpenShift updates, including:

- Red Hat OpenShift 4.9 and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes 2.4

- IBM MQ: Day 1 Support for IBM MQ 9.2.3, including leveraging new IBM MQ "Streaming Queues" to speed messages into analytics while maximizing performance

- XRay is updated to support OpenShift 4.9 and delivered via an OpenShift 4.9 container

Steven Menges, Head of Product Management at Nastel Technologies, said, "This AIOps and automation solution uniquely leverages data from the messaging middleware and integration infrastructure layer to provide critical intelligence from an organization's past and present investments in integration. Experts agree that enterprises who depend on these technologies should review Nastel's AIOps offering."

Also, enterprises that have invested in and rely on IBM MQ, IIB, ACE, Kafka, TIBCO EMS, and multi-middleware are impacted by enhancements in these areas:

User Experience (UX) and ML (machine learning) time-to-value enhancements:

- Predefined and customizable queries for business and other frequently used "views" are now canned for immediate usage such that the results are ready when you want them

- Automated ML "model training" scheduling

- Enhanced view and image sharing with a sharable URL for business, other users

- Automatically build/generate a set of related dashboards/views for ML for predictive analysis

IoT i2 Enhancements:

- Collect and stream IoT data to the XRay platform for analysis

- Inventory and do customizable visualization GEO mapping of IoT devices by type, location, status, etc.

"Nastel works closely with customers every day to understand how what they need is evolving," said Richard Nikula, VP of Research and Development at Nastel Technologies. "Our platform's architecture combined with our processes, automation, and cross-trained R&D team enables us to respond to requests and deliver new functionality and enhancements far more quickly than any of our competitors."

Nastel Technologies is also now releasing an enhanced version of Nastel Navigator, the leading i2M messaging middleware management, automation, and secure development "self-service" solution for application speed-to-market.

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