Neebula Announces Comprehensive Global Partner Program to Fuel Channel Growth
October 25, 2012
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Neebula Systems announced a comprehensive new partner program aimed at helping solution providers, system integrators and software makers to deliver more comprehensive IT service-centric management (ITScM) solutions to customers.

The program offers new certifications, incentives, demonstration kits, lead sharing, and sales and technical training education options designed to extend partner reach and increase revenues.

There are three categories of programs with commensurate rewards for partners at each level:

- Reseller/Referral Partner Program – targeted at global and regional Systems Integration firms with an IT management focus. Levels include Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze partners.

- Fulfillment Partner Program – targeted at global and regional Professional Services firms and Systems Integration companies with an IT management focus. Levels include Implementation, Support, and Practice partners.

- Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program – targeted at software firms focused on IT Management and related applications wishing to OEM/bundle Neebula technology.

“We support partners that provide customers with technologies and services that complement Neebula ServiceWatch software, used for automated discovery and mapping the relationship of business services to IT servers, software, network, and storage devices,” said Ilan Shmargad, vice president of business development, Neebula. “Our partners can differentiate themselves by utilizing Neebula’s innovative technology to offer new and complementary services that reduce costs and improve quality of IT service. At the same time, partners can realize new revenue streams.”

The Neebula partner program offers maximum flexibility. For example, each partner can become members of multiple program categories depending upon their specific needs and expertise.

Neebula partners receive extensive sales and technical training along with varying levels of sales support and compensation based upon the different program tiers.

Additionally, partners that achieve Platinum status enjoy other benefits including cooperative sales planning and co-marketing investments.

“Neebula is looking to build on our success with a handful of current partners that include global and regional IT management companies with complementary software offerings, as well as consulting and professional services firms highly specialized in business services implementations,” said Shmargad. “Working together with our partners, we help customers achieve higher availability and improved quality of IT service and support with measurable return-on-investment (ROI).”

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