New Relic CodeStream Launched
October 21, 2021
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New Relic announced the launch of New Relic CodeStream, a developer experience that brings observability and code collaboration into the most widely used Integrated Development Environments (IDE).

To deliver this new capability, New Relic has acquired CodeStream, a leading developer collaboration platform, and integrated it with New Relic One. New Relic CodeStream is an observability solution that connects application telemetry data directly to the relevant code inside the IDE, so developers can instrument, collaborate, and debug issues faster and more simply than ever before. The capability includes integrations with Microsoft’s VS Code, Visual Studio, Teams and GitHub, among other popular developer tools. New Relic is also announcing their new Core user pricing option, an affordable, accessible option to reduce barriers for developers to embrace observability.

"Developer workflows are the backbone of all digital businesses. Observability as a data-driven engineering practice presents a future where these essential developer workflows are fueled by data – not mere opinions," said New Relic CEO Bill Staples. "Today, we are accelerating our mission to make every engineer embrace observability by bringing production telemetry and code collaboration tools to millions of developers where they build and flow — the IDE. By launching New Relic CodeStream and joining forces with Microsoft, we are excited to help millions of developers across our shared communities embrace observability to plan, instrument, review and debug code directly from their development environment."

“Developers are essential to helping organizations in every industry accelerate the use of new capabilities. Our goal at Microsoft is to provide a wide range of services to address the real-world needs of customers,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI, Microsoft. “With partners like New Relic, it's exciting to see comprehensive integration support with New Relic CodeStream, spanning multiple Microsoft platforms and products: VS Code, Visual Studio, .NET, GitHub, Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps, to name a few. Tighter collaboration between development projects and improved connections between existing applications are just some of the benefits New Relic CodeStream will provide to the developer community."

"We believe that the world's professional developers need observability tools in order to accelerate innovation and build more delightful customer experiences,” said Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps, IDC. “There are powerful business opportunities in making observability a full software lifecycle engineering practice. The companies who get it right are poised to not only multiply their total addressable market, but redefine the category with a developer-led approach."

Developers own more of their applications' performance in production than ever before. However, their workflows to instrument, collaborate and debug production remain disconnected from the tools where they develop and spend most of their time. New Relic CodeStream addresses this opportunity by delivering a magical development experience which ingrains telemetry data and collaboration inside IDEs.

With New Relic CodeStream, engineers can now leverage the following capabilities directly from their IDE:

- Instrument and Measure from IDE: Sign up for a free New Relic One account without entering a credit card and instrument their stack directly from their development environment.

- Code Discussion and Reviews: Add inline code comments, trigger pull requests, request feedback and track issues directly from their IDE based on integrations with the most commonly used developer and communication tools.

- Production Error Resolution: Jump from New Relic One into your IDE in a single-click to navigate, triage and action production errors in context of the specific code repository and lines of code.

“We founded CodeStream to transform how developers write, deploy and improve their code by building the industry’s best collaboration platform,” said Peter Pezaris, Co-founder and CEO of CodeStream. “With New Relic, we found a team and company completely aligned with our mission and values to accelerate our innovation and expand our reach to the global developer community. I’m proud to share the powerful new integration between CodeStream and New Relic with engineers around the globe, and I’m excited about the continued innovations we will bring to market together.”

Developers can get started with New Relic CodeStream for free, with no credit card required. The capability is available today as part of a preview period from October 21, 2021 though January 12, 2022. Following the completion of the preview period, some advanced features will require a paid user license once free tier limits are reached.

As a result of New Relic and Microsoft’s shared commitment to empower all developers with tools to engineer the future, both organizations are investing to scale observability as a daily practice for developers. Examples of how New Relic CodeStream and Microsoft will do this include:

- VS Code and Visual Studio: New Relic CodeStream supports a best-in-class VS Code and Visual Studio extension to bring production telemetry into the IDE to help resolve production issues.

- Microsoft Teams: New Relic CodeStream allows developers to collaborate using production telemetry and share the information through Microsoft Teams.

- GitHub and Azure DevOps: New Relic CodeStream has deep integrations with GitHub to trigger pull requests, power cross team commenting, issue tracking and issue management. During code reviews, developers can leverage and attach telemetry insights to provide a deeper understanding of what regions of the code have the greatest performance impact.

“Observability as an engineering practice presents a future where essential workflows are fueled by data, and New Relic is a leader in this category,” said Amanda Silver, CVP of Product, Microsoft. “By bringing the world of production telemetry through New Relic CodeStream, developers will be able to tighten feedback loops and produce better performing software without impacting their existing workflows or requiring expensive context switches.”

To further accelerate access to observability, the company is announcing the addition of Core users, a new affordable user option. The addition of Core opens up New Relic to an entirely new community of developers who are focused on developing code, as opposed to those whose primary responsibility is production uptime and reliability. With Core, developers get access to an essential set of developer-friendly capabilities to help instantly understand issues related to their code, make data-informed development decisions, and collaborate with engineers throughout their organization. Available on all New Relic One plans, these capabilities include access to advanced New Relic CodeStream integrations, Errors Inbox, Logs, the ability to build and run custom apps on New Relic One, GraphQL APIs and more. Core users will be available in November 2021.

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