Numara Introduces Footprints 11 and Numara Cloud
November 15, 2011
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Numara Software, a provider of service management, endpoint lifecycle management and mobile device management solutions, introduced FootPrints 11, an integrated IT Service and Asset Management solution, and Numara Cloud, a cloud-based IT operations management (ITOM) solutions business and the availability of the Numara Cloud family of products.

Footprints 11 - Integrated Service, Asset and Lifecycle Management

FootPrints 11 offers a singular view into IT operations management and tighter IT integration as well as improved business intelligence, compliance, and security with enhancements across the entire Numara FootPrints product family. Numara FootPrints supports Numara Cloud Mobile Device Manager, allowing users to manage physical, virtual, and mobile devices across all major operating systems.

Giving IT administrators enhanced visibility into IT Operations Management across physical, virtual, and mobile deployments with a single pane of glass view, FootPrints enables tighter IT integration, greater flexibility, and ease of use.

FootPrints is easy to install, configure, and customize – without the need for extensive consulting engagements – providing quicker time to implementation, value and IT productivity. Further, by incorporating Business Process Management solutions, FootPrints extends its benefits well beyond IT to HR, finance, marketing, and many more businesses, providing the enterprise with an increased return on investment and comprehensive IT-to-business alignment.

FootPrints 11 extended its capabilities to ensure advanced IT integration across asset lifecycles. With a comprehensive lifecycle view of all endpoint devices including cost, depreciation, asset assignment and ownership, as well as procurement information, FootPrints 11 provides IT the strategic knowledge to move from cost center to business partner.

FootPrints 11’s new executive dashboard provides essential trend, performance, and progress information, to help IT quickly and easily communicate within the business and showcase its business value throughout an organization.

Users can deploy FootPrints 11 on premise and easily subscribe to Numara Cloud Mobile Device Manager, giving IT the ability to control, manage, and secure their mobile devices.

Numara Cloud - Integrated Cloud Solutions

The integrated family of products -- including Numara Cloud Service Manager, Numara Cloud Service Lifecycle Manager, Numara Cloud Endpoint Lifecycle Manager, and Numara Cloud Mobile Device Manager -- is securely delivered, enables tight integration of data and processes, improves process automation, and supports a wide range of operating systems and users.

Numara Cloud Endpoint Lifecycle Manager delivers cost-effective, on-demand and real-time asset discovery and management for physical, virtual and mobile devices. With compliance and configuration management, remote access, application deployment and patch capabilities, organizations can follow their assets through their complete financial lifecycle, ensure software license and security compliance, and simplify ongoing software maintenance across a secure delivery platform.

Numara Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM) provides IT organizations the control they need to securely manage mobile devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

Numara’s Cloud solutions are hosted in Rackspace Tier 1 SAS70 Type II certified data centers in Dallas-Fort Worth, London and Hong Kong, all of which are strictly controlled with multiple layers of protection and access. The data centers leverage IPv6 and contain abstracted, load balanced and duplicated file servers, web servers and application servers to ensure high performance.

The Numara Cloud family of products is available individually or together based on the needs of the enterprise. When implemented together, the products deliver integrated, unified data, reporting, processes and executive information.

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