OpTier Releases Always-on APM 4.5
February 14, 2012
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OpTier, a provider of business transaction-driven Application Performance Management(APM), released OpTier Always-on APM version 4.5 with significant enhancements that enable today's always-on business.

Always-on APM 4.5 is the first release that reflects the company's rebrand to Always-on APM.

Always-on APM version 4.5 features:

* Business process flow visualization across transactions – Within the same UI and data model, the product opens up a new dimension to APM software analytics by presenting a step-by-step flow of business processes, isolating bottlenecks and broken steps and providing visibility into business impact. This shows real-time business process health indicators, service levels and identifies any incomplete processes, bringing a new analytics dimension of APM to IT management.

* Always-on application diagnostics for Java and .NET is designed to run in production and "always-on" with less than 2% overhead. New one-click visibility into code analysis including call methods, stack trace and SQL statements for faster problem resolution based on real transactions.

* Browser-based user activity – A new method using Java Script injection breaks down client response time and Content Delivery Network (CDN) time, providing insight into the impact of third-party content on the End-Users. Additionally, all mobile devices (SmartPhones, PCs, tablets, etc.) that users are increasingly using to access their business applications are monitored with Always-on APM.

* Cloud-ready within the same product – Gives visibility into cloud performance for transactions such as credit card/account validations and SOA services. IT can assess application readiness before migrating to the cloud, compare before/after performance with baselines, and provide ongoing management once applications are in the cloud. In-depth relevant metrics such as consumption and costs help enterprises with chargeback and provisioning.

* Usability enhancements and expanded platform support–Central access provides a federated approach for very large deployments enables faster problem resolution. New agentless message bus support (IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS, ActiveMQ, SonicMQ & other JMS buses) and additional TCP/IP protocols (FIX, FTP, MQ, and more) are supported.

"Always-on APM 4.5 is a significant release because it adds new breakthrough capabilities that further enable the always-on business," said Motti Tal, Executive VP of Marketing, Product and Corporate development at OpTier. "OpTier Always-on APM is the industry's only enterprise-class APM product that crosses all application boundaries in a single product, making it easy for business and IT to access powerful transaction intelligence with its continued delivery of actionable analytics and deep diagnostics. Version 4.5 is also cloud-ready out-of-the-box so customers can simultaneously apply this same groundbreaking technology to their applications on the cloud."

OpTier Rebrands APM Product

OpTier also announced it has rebranded its product to OpTier Always-on APM and company tagline to Always-on Business to reflect its commitment to providing solutions that assure modern businesses are always on.

Under the rebrand all the product components of the OpTier BTM suite will now be renamed OpTier Always-on APM.

Customers will now have access to the complete always-on APM functionality in a single product that sets itself apart with key differentiators:

* its patented Active Context Tracking (ACT) technology that tracks user transactions end-to-end, including every user interaction, from every device across dedicated and cloud infrastructures

* its Living Topology that automatically discovers and maps application and service dependencies in real-time

* Actionable Analytics based on a powerful OLAP engine for real-time multi-dimensional views and its Complex Event Processing for smarter business-centric alerts

* Always-on, low overhead deep application diagnostics for faster problem resolution

Always-on APM is available in a single product that spans any architecture (on-premise, off premise, private, public, hybrid cloud, client server, mainframe, etc.) with low-overhead for production, development and QA.

"OpTier's customers are Global Fortune 1000 companies whose business must be always-on to remain competitive," said Mark Thompson, President of OpTier. "They have been investing in APM and BSM solutions for many years but find that these 'sometimes-on' tools do not cut it, leaving IT guessing and scrambling while business is impacted. A singular focus on Always-on Business allows OpTier to help customers find and fix problems faster, avoid outages proactively and be resilient to the impact of change by tracking all user interactions anytime, anywhere."

"OpTier's rebranding to focus on the always-on nature of its approach to APM aligns well with customer needs to constantly manage and optimize end-to-end application performance and end user experience inside and outside company firewalls," stated Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research Vice President Enterprise Systems Management Software.

"IT is currently facing dramatic challenges from three arenas – new technologies such as cloud and mobile; process issues as IT is being forced to evolve beyond its silos towards a more service-centric way of working; and relevance issues, as IT is being asked to demonstrate business value in response to dramatically increasing global competition," added Dennis Drogseth, Vice President with Enterprise Management Associates.

"OpTier's always-on business approach can directly address all three challenges given its dynamic currency, its insights into business impacts and business processes, its transaction-centric end-to-end cohesiveness, and its proven ability to work effectively in broader service management ecosystems."

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