Pico Releases Corvil Analytics 9.7
June 14, 2022
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Pico announced general availability of Corvil Analytics 9.7.

Corvil Analytics 9.7 simplifies managing network, trading and market data performance with unique visualizations and simple workflows. For example, users can overlay bespoke images of their network and business applications with Corvil’s real-time analytics, enabling an at-a-glance intuitive understanding of performance for all stakeholders.

“Corvil Analytics 9.7 maintains Pico’s focus on innovation that enhances user ability to investigate and resolve issues quickly and easily to ensure robust digital services in complex and evolving environments,” said Stacie Swanstrom, Chief Product Officer at Pico. “This release, together with our flagship 10000 appliance’s ability to simultaneously capture and process at 100Gbps, enables the Corvil platform to set the benchmark for insight-powered network analytics.”

Key highlights in today’s Corvil Analytics 9.7 platform announcement include:

■ Managing Complexity and Scale

- Scalable Analytics Architecture to meet the ever-increasing packet data volumes to capture, analyze, filter and query. New capabilities to handle increasing 100G data rates include 100Gb sustained packet capture and network analytics and 10x faster loading of analytics at peak times.

■ Improved Workflow Efficiency

- Data Comparison across a global deployment with hundreds of instrumentation points to visualize side-by-side comparisons of performance at different times and multiple points in the network. This workflow is designed to be intuitive for infrequent users across global network operations teams who need to identify changes in network behavior to help isolate the root cause of end user issues.

- Drag and Drop Packet Capture (PCAP) Analysis enables the use of PCAPs from multiple sources in the Corvil UI for full analytics and visualization. Regardless of capture source, using the same tool gives the consistency required for optimum PCAP-based troubleshooting. Additional features include Wireshark-like analytics exploration and workflows as well as Layer 2 filtering with per-packet analysis.

■ Enhanced InfoSec Support

- Continuous Appliance Security Hardening with existing capabilities like encryption of all data at rest to prevent data exfiltration through the removal of hard drives and the added support for SNMPv3, encryption of all email communications and removal of support for older encryption standards.

Corvil Analytics 9.7 also provides the base architecture for building new AI and machine learning technologies. Ongoing algorithm development efforts include an initiative focused on baselining and anomaly detection for traffic patterns typical in financial institutions. This will allow for the detection of changes in network behavior to be automated and proactively alert network operations to potential issues in the environment.

The Corvil Analytics 9.7 release will be available to download and deploy this week

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