Savvius Now Shipping New Releases of Omnipliance, Omnipeek and Spotlight
May 24, 2018
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Savvius announced that version 2.0 of Savvius Spotlight, version 12.0 of Savvius Omnipeek, and new models of Savvius Omnipliances, T310, M210, and C110, are now shipping.

Enhancements to Savvius Spotlight include new application-aware monitoring and customizable dashboards.

Version 12.0 of Omnipeek includes authentication support and improved VoIP analysis.

New models of Omnipliance, based on the latest Dell datacenter appliances, include the T310 Ultra, which pushes simultaneous packet capture and monitoring to 20 Gbps in a single 2RU appliance.

“Our team has taken advantage of platform advances to push the limits of packet capture and analysis,” said Jay Botelho, Head of Products at Savvius. “We are delivering powerful solutions to enterprise customers that need to anticipate, view, and solve network and application performance problems faster than ever before. As more and more critical packet data traverses larger and faster networks, it’s never been more important for organizations to invest in network continuity tools that can keep pace. Our new releases give confidence to those responsible for maintaining network performance.”

Key updates in Savvius Omnipliances:

- 20 Gbps CTD – Offering full-duplex 10G line rate in a single 2RU appliance.

- 128 TB Storage – Allows teams to store critical network data for longer.

- Extended Access Control List (ACL) Support – Leverage extensive ACL support with existing authentication technology, includes RADIUS, TACACS+, and Active Directory.

- All Omnipliance Ultra versions include Savvius Spotlight.

Key updates in Savvius Spotlight:

- Flexible Application Analytics – For monitoring and troubleshooting of custom and SaaS-based applications.

- Highly Configurable, Independent Dashboard Panels – Display content by geographic regions, application type, application latency, worst conversation, and more.

- Additional information about TCP and VoIP quality, new filters, and enhanced streaming analytics for long-term ELK baselining and trend analysis.

Key updates in Savvius Omnipeek v12:

- Expert View Enhancements – Find more problems automatically with several new Expert events, improved latency calculations, and more.

- Improved VoIP Analysis – New support for “Asserted Identity,” SCTP, and improvements to performance in synthesizing DTMF audio tones.

- ISO8583 Support – Analyze key data more effectively for compliance with EU banking standards.

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