Sematext Introduces Real User Monitoring
August 27, 2019
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Sematext announced the release of Sematext Experience, an easy-to-use Real User Monitoring solution, enabling software-based companies to unify their monitoring efforts under Sematext Cloud - a platform for Log Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, Transaction Tracing and now, Real User Monitoring.

“Today’s consumers have lots of options to choose from, but limited time, patience, and attention. Whether they choose to buy from you or your competition depends, in no small part, on their experience with your site or application. If your site or application is slow or crashes, chances are they will go elsewhere and you will lose their business,” said Otis Gospodnetić, Founder at Sematext.

Sematext Experience helps organizations of all sizes improve their customers’ digital experiences by making it easy to spot bottlenecks, slow interactions, and errors in your UI, before your users do. Sematext Experience offers support for monitoring website and web applications.

This includes:

- Page load events including support for single page applications (SPAs)

- HTTP requests

- Alerts based on Apdex score and/or page load times

- URL grouping

- Sessionization

- Filter data by release version, browser, version, geo-location, etc.

- Location-based heatmap

In addition to load times, Sematext Experience also records the loaded resources (images, fonts, stylesheets, javascript files) and the associated loading times.

Having soft-launched Sematext Experience earlier this summer, many customers have already benefited from incorporating Sematext Experience into their monitoring stack.

Sematext will continuously release updates of existing and new features of Sematext Experience and, later this year will integrate crash reporting, crash report lifecycle, source maps, as well as the ability to group crash reports in order to spot patterns in continuous errors.

Driven by customer feedback, the new RUM solution is part of Sematext vision to offer a complete observability solution to help their customers benefit from actionable insights and troubleshoot faster.

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