ServiceNow June11 Release Delivers Social IT and New User Interface
June 16, 2011
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ServiceNow announced the immediate availability of its June11 release introducing more social IT, a new runbook automation process pack for Amazon EC2 cloud, more updates to ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) platform services, and two completely new applications.

The June11 release builds on the concept of IT 3.0 introduced in the ServiceNow Winter 2011 release. The ServiceNow vision for IT 3.0 delivers technology that is more practical and people centric to make evolved IT process possible. IT 3.0 is familiar usability, cloud services and social IT, bringing together technology, process and people to transform IT. The ServiceNow June11 release helps customers take another big step toward IT 3.0.

The June11 release extends ServiceNow Live (initially released in February) to allow for groups, follows, and tagging. The stream of actionable information in ServiceNow Live forms a living and breathing knowledge source that moves at the speed of the people using it. This knowledge collective can be shared, searched, tagged, grouped, subscribed, liked and linked as individual users personalize information to work for them. ServiceNow Live also creates an invaluable source of data allowing IT to track, analyze and act upon trending issues and topics.

The June11 release also delivers UI11 as a new user experience, and a new IT search engine for faster, more scalable and configurable IT search. UI11 simplifies the ServiceNow user experience by accommodating more information within the browser while making the information that matters most to the user immediately available. UI11 introduces flexible panes within the browser in addition to sidebar bookmarks and "flyout" functionality for services like ServiceNow Chat.

The June11 release continues to build on the core ServiceNow ITSM foundation and includes improvements to change management risk assessment and to the service level agreement management engine. New change management risk assessment surveys based on configuration item data and relationships in the ServiceNow CMDB help change managers and change advisory boards more accurately gauge change risk. Survey results are included in change records for a clear audit trail.

Meanwhile, SLA management enhancements allow customers to further customize and extend SLA logic without impacting other IT management processes.

As part of the June11 release, the following components of the ServiceNow platform have been significantly enhanced:

* IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT-GRC): create policy maps and track audit observations.

* Runbook Automation Process Pack for Amazon EC2: adds to current IT automation capabilities for VMWare and PowerShell.

* BSM maps, ODBC performance, list editor navigation, planned task simplification, workflow, condition builder, additional integration capabilities, and more.

ServiceNow offers a simple-yet-flexible subscription model with volume discounts available. ServiceNow has delivered three major releases per year for more than five years to provide customers with the leading SaaS for IT. Thousands of ServiceNow customer instances were seamlessly updated with the June11 release on June 3, 2011. Through the release update, customer customizations and configurations were preserved and service availability remained uninterrupted.

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