SmartBear Adds New API Monitoring Capabilities to AlertSite
May 03, 2018
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SmartBear has introduced several new API Monitoring capabilities in AlertSite, a performance monitoring solution for web, mobile, and APIs.

The new API Monitoring capabilities in AlertSite enable operations, DevOps, and development teams to gain unparalleled end-to-end visibility into API performance, availability, and functional correctness in real-time, across production, staging, and engineering environments.

AlertSite has taken a different approach to addressing the needs of operations, DevOps, and development teams who need end-to-end visibility into the real-time health of their APIs.

With the new API Monitoring capabilities in AlertSite, teams can:

- Instantly create API Monitors in a way that matches their operational cadence and technical skillset: If embracing DevOps and the Shift Left, simply upload existing OpenAPI Specification (OAS) files. If running a rapid release cadence that doesn’t leave time to re-work monitors when APIs change, simply upload existing SoapUI test scripts. If teams are not highly technical, simply leverage an intuitive point-and-click wizard.

- Gain end-to-end visibility by monitoring a sequence of related API calls, where information must be passed from one API call to another to complete an API transaction

- Define granular, targeted alerting to ensure the right people receive alerts for different errors, steps, APIs, and different calls within a chained API transaction

- Trust that the alerts are real with a powerful set of validation checks, such as retrying the run from another location to ensure there are never any false alarms

- Monitor both public and private APIs through the AlertSite global network and private nodes either in the data center or from remote locations

Anand Sundaram, VP of Products, Performance Testing & Monitoring at SmartBear, said: “We’ve made it painless and simple to get real-time insights into the performance, availability, and functional correctness of your APIs, coupled with the flexibility to create API monitors through native capabilities like endpoint and multi-step monitor creation, as well as SoapUI test scripts and OpenAPI Specification (OAS) definition reuse.”

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