Splunk Expands Partner Program
October 04, 2018
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Splunk announced Partner+ Program innovations and enhancements to the expanding partner ecosystem.

The Partner+ Program provides support and investments to drive the success of more than 1,600 Splunk partners around the world, including global system integrators, distributors, value-added resellers, technology alliance partners, OEMs and managed service providers.

“Splunk continues to invest in our partner’s success through our Partner+ Program,” said Susan St. Ledger, President, Worldwide Field Operations, Splunk. “We are committed to delivering business outcomes no matter the organization, team or dataset, working with our partners leveraging the natural chaos of the world of data to drive insight and value for customers. Our strong relationships exist due to the investment and enhancements made in the past year through increased partner engagement.”

Formed in 2017 the enhanced Partner+ Portal lets Splunk partners manage, grow, train and execute their Splunk business through a comprehensive experience. In the past year, the portal had more than 200,000 user logins, more than double the previous year. Recent Partner+ Portal enhancements include expanded single sign-on for easy access to partner tools, automated not-for-resale software delivery, a joint business planning tool and expanded business planning and reporting available to partners. A monthly enhancement cadence was also introduced, providing partners with new features on a continuing basis.

Further Partner+ Program enhancements and investments include:

- Introduced at the Global Partner Summit 2018, the Distribution Program went live in August 2018 and provides a global program framework, along with pay-for-performance incentives.

- An expanded global Rebate Incentive that improves offerings to partners, including sales engineer training and new logo rebates, demonstrating Splunk increasing investment in partners.

- An upgrade to the Splunk Certification Program that includes all new exam content, three new certifications and a more secure exam platform.

- Investment in new program tracks, including OEM and System Integrators (SIs). The OEM track will enable software developers and solution providers to embed Splunk’s powerful platform into their products to enable turnkey reporting, data forensics and big data analytics. The System Integrator track will enable SIs to build vertical solutions on Splunk. Both programs will launch at Global Partner Summit 2019.

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