Splunk Partnerverse Launched
October 20, 2021
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Splunk announced the new Splunk Partnerverse Program to empower its network of over 2,200 partners to expand technical expertise, demonstrate core competencies with a new badge system, and showcase joint customer success.

Splunk’s active partners, which include BlueVoyant, deepwatch, Orange Cyberdefense, TekStream and more, can access the new Partner Program Framework and three initial badges highlighting Cloud Migration, Zero Trust Services, and Authorized Learning excellence. The Splunk Partnerverse Program will be broadly available in February 2022 and will support thousands of distributors, global system integrators, service providers, original equipment manufacturers, technology alliance partners and value-added resellers.

“The most successful companies have a strong data foundation to deliver secure and resilient systems, and are committed to unlocking innovation and driving growth by rapidly accelerating their cloud adoption,” said Teresa Carlson, President and CGO, Splunk. “The Splunk Partnerverse Program helps customers identify and collaborate with the right partners faster and leverage proven solutions to reach their critical missions and outcomes in the cloud and underscores our continued commitment to our partner network.”

The Splunk Partnerverse Program differentiates partner competencies and enhances offerings across industries, technology and use cases. It provides access to a rich set of benefits that deepen customer access and contributions to Splunk and offers meaningful marketing support to position each partner’s unique offerings and solutions.

As part of the new Splunk Partnerverse Program badging system, participants can earn different badges to help customers identify which partners have the right expertise to meet their needs. These badges will include Cloud Migration Services, Zero Trust Services, Observability, Security, Managed Service, System Integration, and Authorized Learning. Partners can build on their technical expertise through clear, progressive enablement pathways and certifications. The new partner badging system also includes a Cloud Migration Services Competency, which features a Professional Services kit and the ability to configure customer deployments for Splunk Cloud, further expanding our partners’ professional services practice development.

“This is a fresh, simple and valuable approach that builds on our successes and evolves our joint potential,” said Roger Niles, VP of Sales for ClearShark, an IT Solutions Provider with a first-class engineering team, comprised of mission-focused experts from the US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and Civilian governments. “We are excited by this program, which allows us to showcase our expertise in the cloud with the new badging system and creates differentiation of our offerings to our customers.”

Splunk’s new Partnerverse Program also recognizes the importance of identifying the right partner and services and will offer a new Partner Solutions Catalog that highlights partner capabilities and innovations globally. The Partner Solutions Catalog brings the most innovative offerings to new and existing customers and allows partners to reach the widest audience possible, highlighting their portfolio of
Splunk-based offerings.

“We have enjoyed a long, successful relationship with Splunk and are looking forward to an even tighter alignment,” said John Maynard, CEO, Adarma, one of the largest independent cyber security services companies in the UK. “The new Partner Solutions Catalog is a game changer and will allow us to highlight all of our joint solutions – particularly our market-leading managed detection and response platform – to successfully engage with new and existing customers to proactively manage and prevent cyber threats.”

The Splunk Partnerverse Program offers additional opportunities with cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, to help organizations worldwide move to the cloud faster as well as the ability to extend cloud-based data innovation and security with partners including SAP and Intel. Splunk also elevated its partnership with Accenture with the creation of the Accenture Splunk Business Group.

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