The APMdigest Team Launches the APM Buyers Guide
September 15, 2014
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The team behind APMdigest has launched a companion site called the APM Buyers Guide at

The APM Buyers Guide is a directory of the vendors and their product offerings in the Application Performance Management (APM) market, as well as related markets including Business Service Management (BSM), End User Experience Management (EUEM), IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Log Analysis, Performance and Availability Monitoring, Network Performance Management (NPM), and Application Testing. The purpose of the site is to present the many vendors in these technology spaces, clarify which vendors offer which product types and capabilities, and showcase the featured vendors and their products.

Each vendor in the markets listed above has a vendor directory page on the APM Buyers Guide. Vendor directory pages can be reached via the alphabetical list of vendors, or via the list of Featured Vendors in the left column of every page on the site, or via the specific Product Categories also listed in the left column.

Each basic vendor directory page includes a description of the company and a list of all APMdigest feature articles, blogs and news posts relating to that vendor.

We have also partnered with IT Central Station to include vendor-specific reviews from real users on the vendor directory pages.

Sponsors of both APMdigest and the APM Buyers Guide are eligible to present featured products, case studies and promotional links on their vendor directory pages, and gain other benefits. Sponsor products and case studies are also featured on the APM Buyers Guide home page. Every time you come to the home page, you will see a different selection of featured products and case studies.

This is just the beginning. We will be enhancing the APM Buyers Guide on a regular basis by adding new features, more information and additional ways to categorize the vendors and their capabilities. For example, soon we will be adding Product Capabilities directories - similar to the Product Categories - outlining which vendors offer specialized capabilities such as mAPM (mobile APM) and APM SaaS (Software as a Service).

Vendors that support the APM Buyers Guide can gain more exposure from the site. For more information on sponsorships, contact Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of the APM Buyers Guide.

Thanks to CA Technologies for helping us launch the APM Buyers Guide as Platinum Sponsor, and to all the APMdigest sponsors.

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