Industry News

December 12, 2022

Pico has expanded the reach and visibility of Corvil Analytics into the cloud with the launch of Corvil Cloud Analytics.

December 08, 2022

Dynatrace announced its platform has achieved StateRAMP authorization at the Moderate Impact Level.

December 07, 2022

The Opvizor monitoring product has been extended from the data center to support cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

December 06, 2022

Microland announced a partnership with Dynatrace in which the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform will become a core component of Microland's Intelligeni™ AutomatedOps platform for assisted and augmented IT operations to maintain reliable Quality of Service (QoS) across the enterprise infrastructure estate.

December 06, 2022

Calyptia announced the immediate availability of Calyptia Fluent Bit in AWS Marketplace.

December 05, 2022

BMC will provide a C5-attested SaaS offering of the BMC Helix Service Management solution hosted in German data centers for local data processing.

December 01, 2022

Splunk announced a five-year extension of its Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

December 01, 2022

Dynatrace announced the availability of the Dynatrace® platform on Microsoft Azure hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

November 30, 2022

Cisco AppDynamics announced major updates to its cloud-native observability solution AppDynamics Cloud.

November 30, 2022

Datadog announced the general availability of Universal Service Monitoring, which automatically detects all microservices across an organization’s environment and provides instant visibility into their health and dependencies—all without any code changes.

November 30, 2022

Sentry announced it has acquired Codecov.

November 29, 2022

Nobl9 announced Nobl9 Free Edition, a new perpetual free tier of its Service Level Objective (SLO) Platform.

November 29, 2022 announced the introduction of its new Open 360 platform.

November 29, 2022

New Relic announced support for AWS Compute Optimizer, AWS Lambda Extensions, and AWS App Runner to help engineers troubleshoot workflows and optimize and analyze containerized applications faster, easier, and more efficiently within New Relic’s all-in-one platform.

November 29, 2022

Dynatrace announced its platform natively supports AWS Compute Optimizer, a service that uses customers’ utilization data to provide recommendations on provisioning Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources for improved resource utilization.

November 28, 2022

NS1 announced the availability of NetBox Cloud in AWS Marketplace.

November 22, 2022

StormForge announced its Channel Partner Program.

November 21, 2022

Nastel Technologies is extending and expanding their partnership with Blue Turtle to address the gaps from low-end APM providers and from bloated Tracing and Observability offerings which don’t adequately address the middleware and Integration Infrastructure (i2) management needs of complex enterprises.

November 17, 2022

Edge Delta announced the launch of a free version of its innovative product.