BSMdigest Becomes APMdigest
November 02, 2011
Pete Goldin
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I am excited to announce that BSMdigest is now APMdigest.

As large enterprises continue to wrestle with virtualization and deploying private cloud infrastructure services, they are taking an increasingly application-centric view of IT performance. Accordingly, APM is playing a pivotal role in performance management, BSM and ITSM. The evolution of our online magazine to become APMdigest is a reflection of these changes in our industry.

APMdigest will strive to bring you excellent content from across the industry, as we always have. Since the beginning, our site had a focus on Application Performance Management as one of our primary topics, and this will continue to grow.

Part One and Part Two of our new interview with Gartner's Will Cappelli are great examples of our continued commitment to APM content.

APMdigest will continue BSMdigest's pursuit of content around end-user experience monitoring and analytics, which Will Cappelli points out are the two key functionalities within APM.

But we will also continue to provide articles, blogs and news about Business Service Management, and explore how BSM and APM are linked. The BSM Blog will remain as a venue of thought leadership on the subjects of BSM, APM, ITSM and all related topics. In addition, we will continue to cover all other IT performance monitoring and management topics, which has been our mission since the relaunch of BSMdigest last year.

In addition to the name change, we have also redesigned the site to make it easier for you to see more of our content at a glance, and choose the topics that interest you most. The redesign includes:

- A new home page with more links to more content.

- The Latest: a list on every page other than the home page, linking to the latest content posted to the site, including feature articles, Q&As, blogs, and vendor forum posts.

- A longer list of the newest Industry News entries in the left column, accessible from every page.

- A set of Hot Topics pages to suit your specific interests in APM, BSM and other issues, also in the left column, accessible from every page.

We are also establishing a new way to distribute our content. We are moving away from the "monthly issue" format, and instead we will publish feature articles regularly throughout the month. Our emails will now be sent out twice monthly, featuring all the latest articles, blogs, vendor forum posts, industry news, white papers and webinars posted on the site.

One final note: I am very proud to launch APMdigest with the support of two new Gold Sponsors. Previous BSMdigest sponsor HP Software is back, now as a Gold Sponsor of APMdigest, and VIAcode also joins as a Gold Sponsor. APMdigest welcomes these two sponsors, but I would also like to recognize the great support we have had from our charter Platinum Sponsor, Netuitive, and our two long-time Silver Sponsors, Zenoss and Zyrion. All three of these great companies have made this publication possible.

Click here to find out more about how to sponsor APMdigest.

Click here to read our official press release on the launch of APMdigest.

Click here for more specific information on how the rebranding as APMdigest will impact the publication.

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